10 appetizers that will make you drool for the guests of a wedding celebrated in winter01.12.201701.12.2017admin

You have decided to respect the tradition of offering a wine of honor to your guests and it is a great idea ! A moment that allows guests to ask after the first emotions of the day and especially before the reception, which has also many surprises for the bride and groom… The wine of honour is also the time to make the rounds of his guests and particularly those who have been invited only for the occasion. Then in order to spend a warm time with his loved ones, nothing beats excellent small treats to enjoy. We have selected 10 appetizers flavors of winter that are sure to delight the taste buds of your guests, it is promised !


A scrumptious gourmet dishes with a festive and sophisticated at a wedding in the middle of winter

Each season offers its own set of flavors and the winter is no exception. With the year-end holiday season is the perfect excuse to enjoy some flavors that are rare like seafood, oysters and coquilles Saint-Jacques. Those who do not have the marine foot will prefer surely the game or sausage. And the vegetables in all of this ? There are also, what do you think of pretty glass cups of soups and velvety winter vegetables ? Celery, pumpkin, endive… it is you who decide. Of course we do not forget the must-sees of the festive meal such as foie gras and salmon. Products that are endless throughout the year and that you appreciate find. Side drink, it is more like champagne bubbles, and you ?


Imagine a little, the cheese veined cheese, a dash of honey, a slice of pear for a game of textures and all on a slice of toasted bread is still warm…It is in the saliva already !

A delicious pumpkin soup with a small bun to the cheese to warm up your guests.

A sofa in style. A slice of potato vitelotte, a touch of cream herbs and to top it all, a hint of caviar.

For those who like the mix of earth and sea this appetizer is perfect. The Saint-Jacques revisited in her dress of bacon, and on her bed in the carrot.

A spoon is not like the others. A tasty marriage between the mousse of duck foie gras and gingerbread. A real treat !

The famous snails…you like or don’t like, we grant you, but it is good to Christmas that these little molluscs are the most popular. Filled with garlic butter it is a delight !

There is still a seasonal product that some love. Natures, with a zest of vinegar to the shallots and it is there that they are the best.

A flagship product of the tables of new years eve, the boudin blanc. A slice of black pudding and chutney the apple. A true delight.

The essential toast smoked salmon and cream dill sauce. We can not resist !

For those who prefer nature, we suggest you try the scallops soaked in lemon juice.