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The arches of marriage are the perfect backdrop to create a background romantic during the exchange of vows in a secular ceremony. Of course, it gives its staging with flowers of the season and with the colors of her wedding. To help you find the one under which you want to say yes, Mariage.com you prepared a selection flowery and romantic desire.

An ark, but why do that ?

It will be the symbol of your union. Under the archway you will exchange your vows, your looks and your love. Your loved ones will be able to come make a speech at the ceremony, you sing a song, in short, convey to you their tender sympathy and loving gesture. For the build, if you choose this flower, the advice of a expert such as your florist will be important for the design, and ensure it fits perfectly with your wedding theme and meets the color code. This ark will be able to pick the flowers of your wedding bouquet and those seen on the centerpieces or on the edge of the driveway that will lead you to the altar.


The sunflowers will be on hand for a ceremony, country and spring.

A beach of fine sand, a turquoise sea to the horizon…and a superb arch green. The perfect backdrop to say ” Yes ” to your other half.

To remain in your wedding theme nautical, takes the helm sailor !

For an arch of wedding ultra flower, we choose a structure with four pillars, surrounded by curtains and greenery and flowers red and blue, and this, without moderation.

Notes of orange, yellow, long leaf, a wedding in the heart of nature, facing the mountains to say, how not to succumb ?

White roses in profusion, seem to compose the ark of marriage. Paths of petals at her feet, she offers an atmosphere of ultra-romantic for your wedding ceremony.

On this ark of marriage, these are not the flowers that make all the charm of this scenery, but the staging, it’s like being in an enchanted forest, it does lack more than the fairies !

The driftwood is ideal to create an arch in the heart of a wedding ceremony paradise by the sea. A few lanterns, colorful flowers and exotic, and it’s missing a big yes !

Here, the wood, the flowers of the fields and the woods, deer are a to form this arch wedding original. We can already imagine a wedding with bohemian and bucolic countryside.

Ivy, roses and red dahlia come to bloom in this splendid arch of marriage, that scene is very romantic to carry out the exchange of your vows.