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The bars are an idea of animation is very much in trend in weddings, especially for the wine of honor to boost and personalize it according to your theme reception. Bars, flowers, bars, candy, cakes, bars, drinks… it is this last type of bar that Mariage.com propose to you today ! Has both decorative and useful, here are 10 ideas of bars that will give you thirsty.

What kind of bar to drink for my wedding ?

You have decided that the reception following the ceremony would include a beautiful bar with drinks that will allow your loved ones to gather around a small friendly spot ? Great idea, a bar with drinks is always a friendly place to meet, hobnob and get to know if the guests do not know all. You can choose the bar that suits your guests according to the theme of your wedding and depending on the season. During sunny days, the preference is for the bars to fresh fruit juices, smoothies, lemonades, and in the fall/winter, we turn to bars to hot chocolates, teas or coffees. Some of the bars drinks are more appropriate than others depending on your theme of the reception : Mariage.com offers 10 ideas of bars to drink that in addition to being aesthetic, will be the delight of your guests !

The water bar

The waters detox are more than ever in fashion, so why not integrate this trend into your wedding by offering your guests a space to healthy dedicated to flavoured waters and ultra-fresh ? Perfect for a wedding summer ! You can offer water flavored with fruit or plants that you want. Lemon yellow and green, peach, mint, raspberries, strawberries, the branches of the fir tree, thyme…. Fill jugs of water and ice in which you will leave to infuse fruits and plants with ice cubes. Ultra-colorful, full of more s and refreshing, these waters will make the happiness of the guests under the sun !



The bar cafes

Consumed by many people, coffee is always a good idea regardless of the season, especially to finish a meal. This bar will allow guests to mingle after the meal to enjoy delicious aromas. Put at the disposal of pretty cups in the colors of your wedding, and offer all sorts of cafés for a pleasant change. You can install coffee machines for use by the guests, or the coffee house who will be served by guests, volunteers, or the servers hired for the evening.



The bar for ciders

A bar with cider, an idea very original but should appeal to the largest number ! It is an idea of bar perfect for a wedding country, rustic, or more particularly a marriage normand. Play on the traditional side of the cider in organizing this space in a way very warm. You can install decorative elements that recall the countryside : wooden crates, straw, plants, and of course apples. Arrange the fruit around the table where the pitchers of cider.


The bar drinks

Another idea summery and refreshing : a bar with soft drinks, will delight small and large. A good lemonade in the summer is always appreciated. You can customize it with the fruits that you like : lemonade, classic lemon, lemonade, strawberry, to even lavender, if so, it’s out there… Play on colors to create a bar ultra festive, with the image of the drink. Why not make a special corner for younger children who do not drink alcohol ? You can use as decoration, put some seasonal fruit on the bar as pineapple, strawberries, apricots… Serve lemonade in Mason jars with straws colorful drink as beautiful as they are delicious.


The mojito bar

Invite the exotic to your cocktail and impress your guests by offering them a cocktail bar, but not any. A bar special mojitos, this delicious drink cuban refreshment that comes to the infinite if you add fruit to the inside to allow more choice to your guests. Why not make this special corner mojito an exotic location that will transport your guests around a bar in bamboo ? Decorate the tropical to disorient your guests : small cactus, the sand placed on the table, a few seashells, exotic flowers, and bottles of rum will do the trick to get your guests to Cuba ! Perfect especially for a wedding theme exotic. One recalls of course that the consumption of alcohol is done in moderation.


The bar teas

It’s tea time ! Comforting, warm, detox, tea has many virtues. What do you expect to create a corner-friendly for your guests to gather around a cup of tea during the wine reception or at the time of the dessert ? What detoxify their body and allow them to digest while chatting. Let at the disposal of tea bags or loose tea presented in small cups, and balls to brew, and cute little china cups. If your wedding is rustic, playing to the bottom side of rustic in with your tea bar on an old piece of furniture in wood, with teapots in porcelain to bring a touch of vintage. Bet on the lace and the flowers to the side former and typically british, and let your guests enjoy the food.

The bar whiskies

If among your guests are lovers of strong liquor, this bar should appeal. A whisky bar where you will offer different bottles of whisky, coming from different countries, made available after the meal. Add juices and sodas to allow them to create the cocktail of their choice, but remind them that the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, so no question of abuse, it is fun in moderation, and you appreciate the wine tasting by little sip. Create a rustic atmosphere, for example, typically irish or scottish.

The bar, hot chocolates

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate ? This drink has delighted the whole world, when the weather cools off. In autumn and winter, this will be THE most popular drink by your guests, who will be thrilled to find a bar to hot chocolate at your wedding. During the wine reception to warm up or after the wedding meal to finish on a note of sweetness. Make this bar in hot chocolate on a real space of cocooning in adapting to the season : in the fall, you can decorate the table with pumpkins and colored leaves to the colour of the season. In the winter, think about the tree branches, wooden objects, Christmas baubles and light strings. Put at the disposal of the marshmallows and the whipped cream for the greedy !


The beer bar

A good beer is synonymous of conviviality for you ? It reminds you of the evenings among friends ? So we did not hesitate to offer to its guests different flavors of beers, ales and classic beers flavoured with fruit. There will be something for all tastes ! You can buy cans to lay out the beers and serve them in large glasses. You can also place ice cubes in wheelbarrows in plunging beers individual inside, the guests have to do is serve. Don’t forget the décapsuleurs at the disposal of the guests.



The bar and smoothies

More than a trend, the smoothies are always on the front of the stage. Stuffed with good vitamins and minerals to boost energy, they are an excellent allied health on top of being delicious, so why not enjoy your guests ? You can opt for a beverage preparation in advance, or better, make them on the moment in front of the eyes of your guests and they will keep all the virtues. Check with the caterer if a server can manage the workshop. Use lots of seasonal fruits to create many of the smoothies in different colors.