10 cardinal rules to follow to organize her wedding without making head14.11.201714.11.2017admin

Owl, owl, owl, Darling made his request and you’re now part of the clan, future brides, congratulations ! And so this is the time to think, to organize themselves. Tablet, computer, workbooks, sheets, pens, pencils, coffee, tea (and cookies favorite), this is the time to follow the 10 cardinal rules to organize a wedding without a headache.


Do not see too big for your marriage

Plan your wedding according to your budget. Do you really need the huge orchids of this magazine ? Would you really wear shoes vair ? Are you sure you want to serve caviar for the meal of your marriage ? First of all, you need to speak with your future husband to be the budget that you intend to put in the wedding ceremony. Then ask yourself the right questions : if you want to make flower arrangements out of your price only for the purpose to impress your adorable cousin and his mother, then it isn’t worth it.

Do not invite to your wedding, the people closest to you

It is hard to stop when you start to do the guest list. One would wish that all the world can come to our big day, a sweet spirit comes overwhelm you. But unfortunately, the more you invite-the-world, and the more the budget will be high. But we know what you are thinking : “If my distant cousin by marriage just to be married, and that he invites me, I would feel bad if he doesn’t come to mine. “ But who do you want to have with you for this special day ? The people you are very close person or people you shall see more then ? Is-this-that they will understand your choice ? Ask yourself the right questions.

Your bridesmaids should not have to be clones

Your friends have agreed to be your bridesmaids. And as you know, any good bridesmaid must match the bride, and accept a dress code. But this is not because your bridesmaids will be wearing the same thing, that they must also have the same accessories. Do not force them, so not to put the same shoes, or the same jewelry. They can also have different hairstyles, or a shade of lipstick is different. The principle is not to make clones, so let their style speak.

Rehearsal dinner before the wedding ?

The rehearsal dinner is a tradition that we know and especially in american films. The advantage of this dinner ? We meet the participants in the organization, we entrust the conduct of the operations, as we remember who is doing what at what time, we thank his family for being there for this big moment, it unpacks a little bit around a good meal… And it is also an opportunity to make a small present to these witnesses. Obviously, this dinner is not an obligation.

The wedding list should not become an obsession

Browsing the shelves of the stores before creating his list of wedding it is so nice. The problem is that we’d like to have it all ! A service of crystal glasses, chinaware, the last super digital camera, this thing multi-I-know-not-what-that-makes-everything-but-it’s-too-top… that you have spotted on the Internet. Do not put pressure to your guests, don’t overdo it and especially not from caprice !

Do stressez not the evening of his burial life of boy

On the night of the bachelor party Darling, do not stay without doing anything, watch the time scroll by. Get out of your side, invite friends at home, and don’t wait for the love of your life back. Trust him and have fun on your side too. And then soon it’s your turn ? Ah, unless yours is already past ? You know as this event will also be nice for him and that he should enjoy it.

Pay attention to your weight before the big day

Once you have found the dress of your dreams, take care to keep your line. Go on a diet a few weeks before the wedding ? Out of the question ! And one is careful not to take too much weight, at the risk of not going home in your wedding dress. Bright fruits and vegetables to make the full of vitamins before the big day and have a good look.

Do not let anyone you remove your enthusiastic bride-to-be

When an event like this happens in your life, it’s a safe bet that you’re not going to stop talking about it to your best friends and your family. The excitement is at its peak and it is normal for you. But after a while, talk will inevitably infuriate some of your friends are single, or jealous. But do not pay attention to their thoughts a negative, just choose the people with whom to talk about it, that’s all.


Make your wedding album in the year following your wedding

Coming back from your honeymoon, start selecting the photos to be the funniest, the most beautiful, the ones that you prefer. So, yes, this can prove to be a complicated task and time consuming, but you’ll also see that this is going to remind you of the wonderful memories of your wedding.

Don’t forget to write your thank you cards

We never forget to thank all the people who were present at the wedding. Take some time with your spouse to write a short personal on each card and express your gratitude with a small gift why not ? The longer you wait, the more this task will seem difficult to achieve.