10 centerpieces to celebrate a wedding on the wine route22.10.201722.10.2017admin

Tchin ! Your centerpieces wedding clink glasses to your happiness with beautiful bottles of wine, grapes and corks. Well, here the bottles are not intended to be consumed by your guests (always in moderation of course), but they are used to decorate the centre of your tables for the meal. Candle holders, vases, table numbers…. Have fun here, to pick in these 10 centerpiece ideas to match the ambiance wine route.

Where to organize a wedding on the theme of the wine route ?

Give appointments to your guests in the heart of the countryside, in a stone building surrounded by large vineyards. Install your wine of honor in a great court, shelter with tents towering, under which you will be able to deploy a beautiful wine bar to offer delicious tastings, your guests. Thing ? Think to animate this wine bar with a wine expert, to create a fun atmosphere around this movie. Next to this wine bar, a cheese bar will be welcome, with different types of bread and delicious bunches of grapes to the little fruity.


For your wedding on the theme of the wine route, we advise you to bet on the hue of wine lees, which recalls the color of dress that can take the red wine. For this, you associate the grape with small floral violets, and don’t forget to place a bottle of wine decorative. On this last, you can even register for the dinner menu.

It is quite possible to organize a wedding on the theme of wine and associate it to a decoration, shabby chic. The proof with these bottles of wine diverted into a vase and decorated with lace. With a pink inside, they are so romantic at the center of your tables.

Bet on the color marsala to decorate your centerpieces around the theme of wine. For example, you can associate a big bouquet of hydrangeas to a map to the calligraphy delicate for the table number, to accompany with chic a good vintage of red.

To invite the world of wine at your table, you can also have fun with barrels. If you take a reasonable size, then you can fill it with bunches of grapes, leaves, and assorted flowers in the colors of the wine. This will make you a center table very wine, that will change to course of the diversion of glass bottles.

On the road of the meal, your guests meet in the centre of the tables, beautiful floral arrangements of green and white which hang bunches of grapes.