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Let the guests around the buffet during the wine of honour : no question for you. You want that all play from the beginning of the festivities and you want to boost this, to ensure that the groups get mixed up and the guests get to know each other to spend a nice evening together, or even all weekend if you want to extend the party until the next day for brunch. Need ideas to entertain your loved ones ? And if you take a look at watchful eye at these events fun and festive ?

Install a few animations of festival during the wine reception

Here is a good idea ! Especially if you’ve planned a wine of honor long enough (3 to 4 hours). Install games to bash on the place of your cocktail outside and take care of the children… but not only. The largest could quickly take the game. Candyfloss and fishing for ducks in wedding fashion ? It is possible ! For those who have a lot of room, you can also install inflatable structures such as slides, castles and for even more fun. You can rent this type of animation in the day to install this in a large garden. You can also rent these structures for the whole weekend to liven up the brunch the next day.



Compose yourself a bouquet of flowers at a flower workshop

To stick to the spirit of a wedding reception in the heart of the spring, it offers its guests a flower workshop. A florist (the one that will have decorated your wedding ?) will be present during the wine reception during a workshop whose goal will be to create his small bouquet to offer to the newlyweds ?), or pretty bracelets or crowns of flowers for bridesmaids. A good idea to learn with a professional in the names of the flowers of the season, the name of the foliage, know how to arrange a composition… And above all have a good time with this that can offer us the nature.



Revisit games that everyone knows, but this time version size !

This idea works every time. In addition to giving a small child-like mind and vintage to your wedding, it is fun for all of the world. A giant draughts board to play between guests to checkers or chess ? Why not ! Bet on beautiful wooden games, for the authentic side. These activities are addressed to all as to the games bash, at a cocktail party long enough that everyone has time to have fun. Where to find these games ? We manufacture them if you feel able, see if you can create these games with friends. The rental is possible, but you can also do a tour of the flea markets to find old wooden games.




Learn how to your guests to know each other through team games

You have a lot of guests, they do not know all ? When your wine of honor put in place of team games to create new friendships. Puzzles, intrigues to solve… form teams with individuals families and groups of friends different. This will be a good atmosphere at your reception!!! Why not try a game of Killer ? It is a role-playing game larp that can last all the time of the marriage or a specified period of time.



During the wine reception, give you wages for a good laugh

This activity requires a lot of preparation upstream, especially if you are many to the wine of honor. Prepare, with the help of your witnesses and the maids of honour, for example, wages for your guests. You can decided to customize them by finding two or three gages per person, or simply prepare two large boxes. The one with the name of the guests, the other with collateral. You’ll draw them then a paper in each box, the named guest must realise the pledge in question. You can also create a “wheel of wages,” and ask guests wishing to participate in spin the wheel to find out what pledge they will have to do. You should have fun with this activity, and you will not see the time pass ! Don’t forget to take souvenir pictures !



Discover your area through the local products

You get married in your hometown, or in a region of the heart, and your guests do not all come from the same place ? Nice ! Take the opportunity to discover your area through local produce to your guests. In addition to delight your taste buds it is a good way to learn more about your reception venue. Fresh and regional produce can be installed on different stands. Prepare small portions for each guest. You will then be able to organize a small quiz on the products they have discovered, of what city it comes from, with which to associate ? Or again, to announce the result of your marriage by guess to your guests three products that they are going to find in the menu ?



Organise a real wine tasting for the first part of the cocktail

When your wine of honor, take the opportunity to make live to your guests with a true wine tasting. Select good wines, provide glasses, tasting, and ask the server to announce as it should be every wine. The more of this activity ? You can bring your guests with great wines without breaking the bank, because it served as a dose of tasting you will not need a lot of bottles to satisfy everyone. Then, as for the discovery of local products, you will be able to put together a small questionnaire to discover your guests which wines will be served during the meal, or even test them on what they have learned during the tasting (what wine with what support, etc…).



We invite a magician to your table

If you start in creating a theme wedding around the circus, you need to run the animations when the wine of honour to put the guests in the magical atmosphere of a circus. The idea would be to bring in professionals, like a magician. This last may, at the time of the wine of honor, to make the tour of the guests and to offer his tricks to impress them. What do you say ?


Choose a themed bar that looks like you

This idea is as malignant as it is effective to energize your cocktail. Why ? Because it’s very popular with guests, and in addition, you can adapt it in function of your wedding. A marriage where the origami is put in value ? So do a workshop of origami to learn how to your guests with your tricks of folding. A marriage greedy ? A bar with pastries or a sweet table sweet delight your taste buds. And if you want to organize a reception to honor France, why not create a cheese bar ? As for the married who loves the mojitos, this will be the opportunity to create your cocktail bar if you get married in the middle of summer in a spirit of exotic.





It re-invents the photobooth version game

The photobooth has become a classic in weddings. It is to create a backdrop in front of which the guests take pictures, you can also add accessories funny and many disguises. For your cocktail, do not drop this good idea, but reinvent there by turning it into a game. To allow all guests to know each other and keep memories very nice arrange of challenges. Prepare the name of the guests, each in deck a, and shall, during the cocktail to find the person drew and make a picture with. Little more, add a box with the situations, funny faces, or attitudes to adopt on the photos !