10 ideas tend to decorate my wedding with plexiglas16.09.201816.09.2018admin

The plexiglass, not really poetic way they put it, to decorate a marriage ? Well Mariage.com you prove otherwise with 10 decorating ideas completely in trend. The plexiglas has its place in the modern staging and elegant on your big day. The proof…


The perspex in the decoration of my wedding, a funny idea ?

We use the plexiglass as an element to be both decorative and useful in this subject. Play on his side transparent to create a beautiful element of decoration romantic on which you will be able to write. With this material we can then think about creating :

  • of the table numbers
  • brands-places
  • menus
  • the presentation of the schedule of the day
  • a welcome board to greet the guests at the entrance of the reception hall


Write what you like on all these elements. The main one being that it is esthetic. To do this, choose a white marker for writing on, which stand out, or even paint. Adopt a beautiful calligraphy, italic, for a more chic, and the turn is played. Also, please note that the details are important : you can accompany the plexiglass of flowers or leaves to mix the modern with the nature in your wedding, and thus create the staging is very contemporary.



A beautiful sign to welcome your guests with elegance, this acrylic glass falls to the peak.

A small piece of plexiglas surrounded by vegetable for the table numbers : simple but chic.

You can put your mark-up or mark-table on a small stand to match your decor : a nice idea !

Have you thought of hanging plexiglas panels on the ceiling to indicate the tables ?

Made a box of plexiglass in a beautiful urn of marriage.

A simple plate of plexiglass for a contemporary menu.

It indicates the name of the bride and groom to be reminded that it is their big day.

here gilding and acrylic glass make the pair.

The distribution of the plan table will be very simple for your guests with this plate, surrounded by greenery.

Beautiful, the perspex will reflect the light if you hang in the trees.