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The autumn season is truly magical to get married… warm colors, bright, flamboyant, invite in the natural landscape to create decorations enchanting at a wedding. It is a great idea to unite during this season poetic that has so much to offer, particularly in relation to the flavours. Mariage.com offers you here to discover 10 ideas of desserts in perfect agreement with the fall to fill your table of sugary treats in the end of the meal. Good appetite !

Desserts in agreement with the season : why is this the right idea ?

In order to respect the cycle of nature, it is better to coordinate the dishes with the season in which they marry. Here, it is fall. The typical products of the fall will make travel with your guests in a universe wooded, enchanting and bucolic. It would be a shame to organize a wedding in autumn and deny it by offering your guests a dessert too classic. Take advantage of the products of autumn that nature offers us, with their delicious flavours, smells tantalizing, and their colors are delicious. By choosing products of the season, so you can be sure that they will be fresh and so that they will be at their maximum flavor !


What are the typical foods of the fall choose for desserts wedding ?

Has the honor during this season, there are of course the traditional hazelnuts, chestnuts, but also chestnuts. The apple, the fig and the pear are the queens of the season, but know that autumn is also the season of some exotic fruit, including papaya. Take a tour to the market and talk with dealers to see if it is possible to obtain. Talk also with your caterer if you want to bring more exotic tastes on your dessert table. The color of the papaya could then brighten up your sweet table, but also think that it must be in agreement with the rest of your theme wedding. On the side of the spices, the cinnamon, which falls subtly to the flavours, will be perfect for your desserts in fall. She marries without concern with the apple, in a delicious crumble crunchy. It is exquisite. Finally, what would a wedding meal in the fall without the presence of the pumpkin or its cheaper cousin to the pumpkin ? Have you thought to incorporate these cucurbits in your desserts wedding ? A funny idea I hear you say ? And yet their place is not only in soups and other soups when temperatures drop below. There is nothing like a pumpkin pie in the autumn. Accompanied by a scoop of vanilla ice cream or hazelnut, this little slice of pie will be a real delight in the mouth. Believe me !

What a decoration for my dessert table ?

The ideal is to join the code color you have chosen for your theme wedding. If you have simply chosen to stick to the season, repeat the hues found in nature at this time of the year. And what are these colors ? The orange, brown, red, yellow. We opted for these shades in their version deep, it will, for example, choose an orange that pulls towards the brown, we opt instead for a dark yellow leaning towards the mustard yellow. It zaps their version of sorbet which is used more in the summer or in the spring. On your dessert table, the goal is to recall the fruits and vegetables used to create the desserts. If you play around the apple, you have on the table a little around and you napperez your table with a cloth checkered red and white to create an atmosphere a little rustic. If you play on the pumpkin, use only orange colour and a palette of brown. You will find at the foot of the table and top of the gourds, pine cones, foliage, autumnal… The magic of the forest will take part in our wedding.


Cake fall to the hazelnut, and coffee, statement by the fig : a blend of flavors amazing.

Delicious small cream brown : great to finish on a note slightly after a hearty meal.

A dessert that feels good childhood : the classic apple crumble with his ball of vanilla ice cream.

Cupcakes pumpkin topped with a frosting and pecans. Difficult to resist so many delicious flavors.

Place the mini layer cake with the pumpkin, we love decorated with pecan nuts : it really is too cute and delicious.

Crumble pear : bake with a pear in the center for more originality. The most demanding will appreciate that a dark chocolate sauce is poured over at the last moment.

Pear encased in puff pastry : a dessert surprise that will create the surprise among your guests.

Wanted to offer a dessert gourmand around the apple ? The apple of love, coated in white chocolate will be perfect. It can even serve as a make-up “gift” for your guests. The guests enjoy a lot of present which they can not make a mouthful.

Pumpkin pie and whipped cream home-made, the whole will be sprinkled with cinnamon: a real delight dear married.

Verrine of cottage cheese, diced apple, handful of quinoa and a cloud of cinnamon : healthy but greedy. Hard to say no, the guests will inevitably still a little room for a taste of such flavours.