10 ideas very cool to slide the pine cones in your wedding decoration19.11.201719.11.2017admin

Your marriage is on the horizon ? You have decided to make your ceremony during the winter season or fall ? So why not try a decoration in line with the outdoor temperature, and at small cost ? All you have to do is go for a walk in the forest and bring back beautiful pine cones to make the asset decoration of your wedding ceremony.


Pine cones in my decor for wedding, but to what theme ?

Play the card of nature in preparing the decoration of your wedding. Attach the pine cones to a reception in phase with the season in which will be held your marriage. If it is autumn, remember to color your wedding with shades of very soft and earth like beige, ochre, off-white, brown in all its shades. To be in agreement with a wedding in the countryside for example, consider creating bouquets of flowers with wheat ears, cotton balls, install large wooden barrels as display stands. Slide the pine cones along the paths table, mix them up in the foliage of the season. If you plan your beautiful day in the heart of winter, then consider to marry pine cones and branches of fir. The pine cones can also be associated with small pieces of tree trunks arranged in the middle of the decorations, such as centerpieces, for example. Wash then the entire set of spark plugs are protected in of the lights to create a cozy atmosphere. And if you love the Christmas spirit, nothing prevents you to marry pine cones, garlands and Christmas balls to decorate the chairs and the table runners.


The bouquet pinecone, very original, you will stand out from all the other bouquets of flowers. And at least, the cones are not at risk from damage due to the weather !

You mix candles, pine cones and brown and small branches for a decoration beautifully nature.

For a side fall and a warm, use the pinecone in the center of the table. Add the other flowers and pretty candles for a fact succeeded.

For a totally wooded and forest, spruce up your table tiny tree trunks as well as leaves and sprinkle the table of the guests of several pine cones.

Fill a vase of pine cones, while adding branches for a wood.

Although the weather is cool, you decided to get married outside anyway. So, to help you walk up to the altar, embellish the chairs of your guests with pine cones, reminding them that you do not have cold eyes !

Declare your love with this heart-topped head pin, which may very well be hung in your reception room.

Leaving them hanging by a thread, you give a nice romantic touch to your ceremony.

Combine the useful with the decoration, it is possible ! La pomme de pin can also be used as a door-name on the tables of your guests.

Repainted, the apple of ain can also make a nice candle !

And if really the theme of your wedding is the forest, the spirit woods, or in the autumn, a cake with apples ain will fit perfectly to your needs and desires.