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No, this is not because it is raining, that the sky will fall on our head and that your wedding ceremony will be marred. It is true, there is nothing more annoying than seeing the sky darken and the rain to point the tip of his nose on the day of our wedding, this famous D-day, the most beautiful of our life ! At any time, but not now ! If there’s one thing we can’t control, nor afford, this is the time. However, the drafting of Mariage.com has prepared for you a small list, just for you, of 10 ideas, very ingenious to make your wedding beautiful in the rain ! You will see, you will soon dream about that small drops fall… or not !


1. Umbrellas to protect your guests on the wedding day

Umbrellas when it is raining, not very original ? Of course, I grant you, but acknowledge that it is quite rare to go to a wedding and as the bride and groom have planned to do the full side umbrellas to protect all of their guests. Remember to install at strategic locations such as the exit of the town hall, the church or your reception venue where your guests would like to take to the air despite the bad weather. Little more, choose beautiful umbrellas, transparent or colored, depending on your theme, in order to counteract the grey skies.



2. Of the boots to have their feet dry on the day J

If you have planned your wedding ceremony, reception or any other movie in outside, it is preferable to provide, in case, of rain boots for the feet of your guests. Of course, not the fishing boots khaki that everyone knows, not, pretty boots colorful, original and very stylish. Promised it’s there, look !



3. The stoles for not to catch a cold during the wine reception and the wedding pictures

Because when the sun hides and the clouds and rain arrive, the air can be a little chilly. Fortunately, thanks to our few small tricks, your guests will not fall ill as you will be taken to the front by making the stock of small stoles.



4. Hot drinks for waiting guests before the wine of honor (or before the ceremony)

It is known, after the town hall or the religious ceremonies, the guests are sometimes forced to wait and take care of as they can, until the wedding reception in the early evening. The couple will take advantage often of this time to do their photo session. This waiting can be shortened with animations like the wine of honor, but this is not always the case. For this, we advise you not only to predict the waiting time by entertaining your guests, but also when it is cold, to provide a space warm drinks. Coffee, tea, chocolate, there should be something for everyone !



5. A plan B as a fallback solution on the day of the wedding

Do you dream of a lavish wedding outdoors, but you have in the corner of the head the possibility of a downpour during the day ? Plan a plan B. of course, it is not a question of book two reception rooms. If your plan is a reception outside, take the first step in installing a parquet floor insulation on the ground and a large marquee transparent with the possibility to close the sides to prevent rain from getting. If you have the luck that your reception venue has a sheltered space type courtyard, or even a restaurant, are planning the décor of this place in the event that your plan B becomes your plan A. Some lanterns and light strings and your wedding will be magical, even if the rain is of the part !


6. A hairdresser and makeup artist available for the bride and her guests to be on the top

If the rain is waiting for you on the day of your wedding, hair and make-up will be put to the test. To avoid this, ask your hairdresser and makeup artist to be present at your side throughout the ceremony or even the reception, to make the few small adjustments needed. A tip that will be also appreciated by your friends.



7. A wedding photographer any field that deals with the weather

When the rain gets involved, it gets more complicated side photos. Small tip, choose a wedding photographer that is able to face all the obstacles ! Although a beautiful sunny day to be more pleasant for the photos, be aware that the weather the secret to amazing photos. Please do not hesitate to make the point before the wedding with your service provider to ensure the shot and ask him how he will.



8. A wedding photo shoot After Day with the return of good weather

If you prefer to play the security card, no problem, opt for the photo session of wedding After Day that will allow you to take advantage of the sun’s rays. The advantage of this type of photo shoot, it is that the married enjoy a lot more this time, without the stress of the day.



9. A carriage for the bride and groom in which they can shelter

A beautiful convertible car for your arrival ? Very tempting ! However, this is a little bit less when it rains. So think about a cart where you will be able to put you in the shelter. A convertible for your arrival wedding yes, but with automatic closing, a beautiful horse-drawn carriage with a small roof…



10. Animations wedding indoors for the children

Finally, let’s look to more young people. If for some adults a wedding can sometimes seem like a long time, what to say of children, even more so if it’s raining ! The best way is to make use of animators who will take them around to various activities : coloring, face-painting, board games, a small treasure hunt indoors if the place is very big…