10 married which we were moved to tears as they discover their woman11.10.201711.10.2017admin

When we say marriage, we immediately think of wedding and wedding dress ! But no, this is not always the bride who is the center of attention, these gentlemen also have the right to have their quarter hour of glory, and it is now !


The emotion of the groom when his beautiful entered

Among the many traditions of marriage, there is one which states that the groom should not see the bride in her dress under penalty, as it does not woe. Even if you do not believe necessarily, many people adhere to this tradition. So when it comes the famous moment where the bride made her entrance in her white dress, the groom is often overwhelmed by emotion. And time, this moment goes unnoticed because everyone is focused on the arrival majestic of the bride ! But in the drafting of Mariage.com we are determined to address this injustice ! This is why we have gathered here the photos of the newlyweds the most moving that we have been able to find !