10 ways to invite the winter to your wedding table19.04.201818.04.2018admin

A few branches of pine, holly, apples, table, fruits and flowers of the season, with the winter season, I assure you that we can make beautiful presentations of a table for a wedding, the proof is in the 10 examples !

What is a wedding decoration on the theme of winter ?

Invite nature and its treasures, because yes, even in winter, nature always has tons of suggestions. Nature is a source of ideas without limit. One can only imagine tables of wedding beautifully decorated with green and brown, on beige background or bench broken. You may drop off long paths composed of branches of fir tree at the centre of the tables. On these paths of tables, we could then place a few pine cones on each side. Another idea to invite the nature on our wedding tables : drop pieces of trunks, digging in to drag the candle holders. What do you say ? And if you want to make your festive tables, nothing prevents you from throwing a rain of glitter on them to create an atmosphere of spirit ” end of the year holidays “.

In winter, a pine cone falls to pic to decorate a center table very nature.

The greenery, the raw wood for the table as for the chairs, this is a warm atmosphere !

Atmosphere folk and warm for a wedding in the winter and the raw wood and the candles are indispensable.

No reason to leave the colorful fruit in the summer, the winter is placing on a decoration tart in which one slip of the fruits of the season such as exotic fruits and tangerines by-ci by-there.