12 wedding decorations to give style to your tables banquet12.11.201712.11.2017admin

Point of small tables, round tables, you prefer to install your guests on large tables, and create a spirit of the warmest. This comes at a peak since the tables banquet make their big comeback in weddings. Because weddings rustic, rustic, bucolic appeal a lot to the newlyweds, we see more and more dinners to be organised around large rectangular tables and what is owl ? This is that these tables banquet also fit well in the large and small reception rooms. How to give style to these tables banquet ? It gives you 12 excellent decorating ideas.


Why choose tables banquet for his wedding meal ?

Because these tables are much more user-friendly, that they take us less the head-to-install and to arrange for the table plan and because it creates a real mind feast of the family. In addition, they do the same to save space in the reception hall, if it is not nice that. It is associated with weddings in the heart of nature and is decorated with large paths table as large garlands of plants, for example. In these garlands, you can stitch flowers of the season to stay in phase with a natural marriage, and country.


It highlights the wood here, not worth it to do too much. The ideal is to stay in the same tones and play with the beige, linen, neutral colors. Give the color with the flowers by opting for compositions in the countryside.

To wake up a long table basic, we opted for a duo of colors : water clear, and above, it gives pep with colorful flowers, towels and more punchy to create an overall rustic chic.

It is under a rain of lights that you can welcome your guests to celebrate a wedding meal gently sieved.

To be sure that your flowers are put in value the day or night, why not hang spark plugs on the top of each bouquet ?

To create a sophisticated interior design and nature, it will be of big garlands of white flowers mixed with an incredible foliage dense.

For a marriage to both nature and elegant, bet on a table decoration minimalist combining candles and greenery. And why not the floor to the ceiling !