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He asked you in marriage ! Ok, that’s been done and it’s great news that gives you the mega banana ! Good, now there has to put in place the organization Good… but where to start ? This is where the hard part begins… You don’t want to count on you for the organization of the wedding ? No wedding planner, just a future husband a little disoriented ? Don’t panic ! Mariage.com comes to your rescue by showing you the 15 things to know by heart to plan her wedding like a real pro. As the adventure begins.


The guests of your wedding are your top priority

Currently, you are looking for the reception hall of your dreams. You can see already in the process of dancing the night away with your loved one. Good stop we stop there. First what you need to know is the number of guests that there will be about at your wedding. Why ? Because when you visit the reception rooms, it will be necessary to ensure that there will be plenty of room for everyone. As a general rule, it takes 25 to 30 square meters per person. This may seem pretty huge, but it is also necessary to take into consideration the space you’ll need for the tables, the servers, the DJ and the dance floor.


Check the schedule for hotel rooms close to the reception venue

You have chosen to unite you far from your home ? Or, some of your relatives come from far away ? It is therefore important to check the availability of hotels located not far from your reception. There may be other weddings in the corner, and it is necessary to ensure that the guests can be accommodated. First of all, look to see if the day of your wedding does not fall stack at the time of a major conference, or any other local event that may disrupt traffic flow but also the availability of hotel rooms.


We paid attention to the weather before the wedding

Any bride-to-be would like to be able to choose the weather on the day of her wedding. And it happens that this last we often play bad tricks.. If your wedding takes place in summer, be careful with wicked midges thinking to hire the services of professionals to install tanks of pest control. But, one never knows, provide roofs in case of rain or thunderstorm can be a good option. If your wedding is planned for the winter, it is also planned to install snow tires on her car if needed (and also say to guests), as well as raise the temperature in the room. You don’t want your guests to have cold isn’t it ?


A credit card only for the wedding, why not ?

It is quite possible to create a bank account solely for the wedding preparations. And if you took a credit card with ? Like that, when it comes to pay the flowers, the dress, the costume Darling, the caterer… Everything will be on one and the same credit card. It does not feel obliged to make eyes for our man to ask him his.


Workbooks and more workbooks to organize the wedding

The thing that you need to buy this is a workbook. It separates the all : list of guests, selection of caterers, florists, photographers, and budget. Do you create an email address specifically for the wedding so not to receive your mails with your correspondants. And we keep in memory in the mobile phone all the numbers, very important. It is not to forget, the more drag in the workbook its checklists Mariage.com perfect to remember everything that we need.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions to better organize your wedding

The caterer, the photographer, the DJ… are professionals and this is not the first time that they are hired for a wedding. They are regulars at the famous D-day so don’t hesitate to ask them a million questions, like being able to change something in their menu or to set up a photo shoot portraits of the guests as soon as they arrive… you must be in total confidence with them. Their work will be as well to tell you if it is possible for your budget wedding and the equipment they have available.


Get ready to receive ” No “

As a general rule, 30% of your guests will not be able to be present at your big day. This will depend on where you go to celebrate your union. If this is too far for them and that this also leads to too much of the cost, they désisteront may be. So be prepared that some people aren’t able to be there, to your greatest punishment.

Set the office the question of the children present or not at the wedding reception

No question of saying ” Yes ” to the children of your best friend, if you reject those of the witness, Darling. The best is to establish a uniform policy regarding children at your wedding, and all the respect. Four choices are offered to you : you can say ” Yes ” to all the world by telling them that they will be under the responsibility of their parents, you can decide to organize your wedding with only adults, you can only accept the family’s children (your nieces and nephews, little cousins…) or listen to the rent a service of child care so that he can distract them, and so they pass them also a also good day and night, that you.


Go step-by-step

The excitement is at its peak when it comes to orchestrating the day should be the most beautiful of our life. So, we tend to want to start to manage several things at once right from the start. Big mistake ! The best is to go step by step, in a logical order, so that you don’t have to adjust several things at once and that would snow ball effect. One does not choose his caterer before you set a date, one does not choose a band or a DJ if you don’t yet booked the room, we do not order our wedding cake if they have not found a florist…


It provides a route for the road is very accurate to its guests

It is necessary to ensure that your guests know where they need to go. If you have chosen to unite with the town hall or the church of your city, but your reception will be held several kilometers away, the best thing to do is to make a road trip for all your guests. Generally, the cars follow in a procession, but if one of them is lost, it is still preferable that it can locate you not ?


All that is important for the wedding must maintain proof that written

If your reception hall has to close at 2 o’clock in the morning, but you get to negotiate up to 3 hours, ask for a confirmation email. It is very important that this be put in writing, in the event of a problem. You know what they say : “the words fade away, but writings remain “.


It establishes the budget

The budget of the marriage is a real puzzle. Worse still (or not) that the placement of the table. So, the best is to start as quickly as possible : how much one wants to put in the wedding dress, in music, in flowers, to the photos. You assign a number to each one, determining the most important things. For example, if you have found the dress of your dreams and exceeds a little (or a lot) of the budget that you had planned, then you will see a decrease in the budget for the invitations and the flowers.


We make sure that our guests may see or hear the ceremony

Whether you opted for a secular ceremony or in a place of worship, it is necessary to ensure that all your guests will be able to see you and hear you when you will pronounce your vows. Take a seat in the last row and test it. If necessary, consider renting a mic and a podium, so that everyone can be a good viewer of your big day.


We are writing the important contacts ” just in case “

Create a sheet with emergency contacts for the day of your wedding. And keep this sheet carefully in its superb cover art. This can be useful in the case where the driver of the limousine is lost, or that your catering is in the wrong place… please Remember to make copies to give to your parents and witnesses.


Plan the time of the installation

Impossible to reach with all your guests and see that all of your decor is not yet installed ! The horror ! So, we ask for how long there is to the installation with the owners of the premises. The best is still to ask if it is possible to come the day before in order to sleep perfectly on his two ears. After all, a great day awaits you the next day.