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You are going to organize your wedding in autumn ? Wonderful idea : it is a magical season and is full of poetry for a reception. The warm colors and blazing, the leaves that crackle, pine cones, chestnuts and other pumpkins will make you want to create a real small space cocooning around which can meet your guests.We dug up the good idea : a bar in the fall ! Here are 4 beautiful ideas.


A bar to animate the wine in honor of the marriage : the idea trend and user-friendly

It is a corner composed of a large table or several small tables where you can provide your guests with food colors and flavors of autumn. Much more than a simple buffet, the bar should have a theme. The idea is to focus on your bar on a particular product and create all the decoration around it. If food and beverages are important, the decoration is just as important. The bar should really be a separate element in the decoration of your wedding, a corner also pretty helpful and friendly. Visit the aesthetic by decorating in the colors of autumn : wood, leaves, pumpkins, gourds, apples, pine cones, fungi, sweet chestnuts…


The bar pies

It starts with an idea, ultra-greedy, which should delight all of your guests, children or adults. A bar pies ! You can offer this “pie bar” during the cocktail with both savory pies and sweet pies, or make this bar a special place for dessert after the wedding meal. In both cases, the bar can be enjoyed at all the guests. Offer a wide choice of pies to delight all taste buds, spouts, sweet as a nose salty. Here are a few ideas for pies to offer : apple pie which made it all the time unanimously, pumpkin pie, walnut tart, cream pie brown, the leek pie or the pie with mushrooms. The clever idea to find themselves in all these pies ? Planting tiny signs with the name of each pie.




The juice bar apple

Perfect for children and guests who do not wish to drink alcohol : the bar apple juice. The apple is a fruit associated with autumn and therefore has a place in your wedding in the fall. It offers, of course, the juice of apples home and not industrial ! Obtain the juice of the apple authentic in a organic shop or from a local craftsman, or if you want to-do it yourself from A to Z, get yourself a juicer and prepare several litres of apple juice the day before the wedding, with the help of several close friends and relatives who will be able to do them also because it is long enough if you have a lot of guests. Your guests will be delighted to enjoy a fruit juice home-made and very fresh and authentic. For the decoration of your bar ? Apples and more apples ! Vary the colors for more aesthetic and offer Mason jars for your guests to taste the juice, or pretty cups to the autumnal colors.




The bar cider

This is a bar that will delight fans of cider. Just like the apple juice, the bar, the cider put the apple in the spotlight. Home-made or bought from a local producer, he will be much more appropriate if you are getting married in Normandy, the region of the cider. For the decoration of the bar, again, have on the counter full of apples, you can put them in baskets in wicker for a rustic charm. You can also create an ancient atmosphere by using an old order as the bar, instead of a simple table. Place lanterns and a few candles for a warm, seasonal flowers for a country style, and the tower is played !




The bar bobbing for apples

Here’s another idea greedy that will allow your guests to fall down in childhood, always around the apple, a fruit in the fall. Offer a bar at apples of love. In addition to being ultra-gourmet, this little corner will be festive and colorful as in the fairs and fairgrounds, to delight everyone and spend an evening under the sign of the good mood. Use of dyes of different colors to create a rainbow of autumnal colours at your wedding : red, green, orange, brown. Also propose different icings : caramel, vanilla, chocolate… a true stand carnival which delighted both children and adults. Speaking of fair, this could be a nice wedding theme for your big day if you are big children.