4 tips on how to personalize your civil wedding ceremony13.11.201713.11.2017admin

The civil ceremony is usually very short and lasts, on average, 20 minutes. According to the city, maybe there will be the tail and you come across unfortunately other married… The moment is solemn, but you will understand, it is not necessarily very romantic. Florence Chesneau, wedding planner agency Floasis, reveals to us her pretty tips on how to personalize your passage in front of The Mayor to give more character to your time !


Forward the music to launch the civil ceremony

All the councils with whom I have had the opportunity to exchange allow the couple to bring a week before D-day a CD (yes USB is too modern…) with music input and output of your choice. However, make sure that the sound reinforcement system to recognize your CD (the CD burned often go wrong, it is better to buy the music in the trade). Or why not opt for a musician who will play on the steps of the town hall to welcome you : guitarist, violinist, or an instrument typical of your country of origin, it can be very nice !


Offer a reading of texts for the civil ceremony

Either you or your witness to marriage, friends, parents… It is possible to read a short text before the presentation of the alliances, for example : poem, song, speech… It is very moving and it helps to bring a personal touch to your civil ceremony. Of course, you have to have applied the agreement to the mayor. This kind of fantasy is more readily accepted when you are the last to go. Be smart in choosing your time of passing.


Decorate the room of the town hall where you get married civilly

You will not be able to decorate in detail the room of the marriages (at least the only ones in the town hall that day, and again…). The marriage hall should remain neutral for the other guests in this place before or after you. Indeed, it would be inappropriate to impose a color, a flower or even an atmosphere, to other married. Not to mention that the town hall also celebrates weddings of emergency (imminent death of a spouse) or baptisms republicans, for whom your decoration would be incongruous. However, please do not hesitate, with the permission of the city council, to deposit a flower arrangement or to decorate the chairs of the bride and groom if this can be put on and removed in a few seconds by one of your loved ones.


Imagine an exit from city hall custom for your wedding

If you choose to use a machine to blow bubbles, ask there also the authorization to the town hall in order to avoid any refusal on the day J. The petals and the confetti are very well accepted. Take advantage of it for making cones customized to facilitate the distribution. I also like to pamper the guests by offering them small bags stuffed with a bottle of water, the plan for access to the room and pom-poms for the cars. And for those who want to extend the time for the exchange and sharing with their loved ones, think about a commitment ceremony-to-measure where you can mingle readings of text, music, gestures and symbols, here and abroad, to create a unique wedding.