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You are in the middle of organizing your wedding and for reasons that you are specific you have decided to get married miles away from where you live. How to manage the rental of the place of reception at a distance ? Don’t panic, Virginia Statement, the director of the agency Ceremonize and co-founder of the Assocem brings you 4 tips for completing this project despite the miles.


Long live the internet to find his place of reception!!!

Yes, in the twenty-first century, thanks to the internet you have already a great assistance at your fingertips, or rather in range of the eye. You can already do all your research on the directory of Mariage.com. Some internet sites of places of reception are poor in photos so don’t hesitate to Googleliser to obtain additional images, you can even sometimes fall on articles of blogs of photographers who will give you a good idea.


Educate yourself to the maximum on the reception venues you are interested in

Once you have established your short list of reception venues, please do not hesitate to consult the notice that you will find. Do not hesitate to talk to you by email and by phone with the owners of the premises. The feel and the direct contact are really important. This is where you will know if it can work.

Call an organizer, wedding

Because the distance doesn’t really help to prepare for her wedding, especially if the time-zone difference, he adds his grain of salt. By his professionalism, the organizer of the wedding will provide you with the places that will be best suited to your wedding : depending on your needs, your style, number of guests and your budget. You’ll save valuable time and you can concentrate on the selection that you made. She can send to you a maximum of photos, and even send you a video that she will be in a tour especially for you.

Direct a loved one to visit the place of its reception potential

You have no opportunity to move around to visit places ? It has often happened, in the framework of the organization of a marriage for couples of expatriates, have to visit the places proposed with the relatives of the bride and groom. This can be your parents or friends who know your tastes, for example. They will be your eyes, but you will also be able to take a maximum of pictures for you videos… They will send you a little account at the end of each visit. You see, no reason to stress for the organization of your wedding from a distance !