5 golden rules for finding the reception hall for her wedding04.10.201704.10.2017admin

Finding the ideal home for your wedding reception requires an action plan. And this quest begins a year or two, before the D-day ! So let’s go !


It defines the style of the reception room

Organize a wedding, it is the telling of a story. The one that you like or that makes you dream. This is why the room is paramount : it is she who will set the tone for your reception. The most romantic, who love fairy tales will head to a castle or a mansion. These places full of history are often enough in themselves and require little decoration. The souls bucolic opt more for areas close to nature : a farm, an inn, a barn…These havens of greenery will bring a note of informality to your wedding.


Couples urban crack to a palace michelin-starred their favorite city, an art gallery, a bar or a restaurant connected. Spaces trendy for lovers of the “city life” ! Lovers of the unusual will prefer to find a secret place or rarely privatized : a circus, a yurt-the giant, the roof of a skyscraper…The key here is to surprise the guests.


You know where to look of the reception hall

Start by determining the geographical area where you want to organize your reception. But beware, the more remote your home will be the hall and more complicated and costly will be the organisation ; because you need to plan several trips before the big day to confirm all the details. Take a ride on specialized Internet sites, or directories that list the sites by department and by style, get in touch with the tourism offices… and you walk !


You set a budget for the rental of the room of marriage

The price will depend on the floor area of the room, which will be determined based on your number of guests. For a sit-down dinner, it takes at least 1m2 per person, for an evening of dancing and/or a buffet, 1m502. Of course, a town hall will not be as expensive as the privatisation of a listed monument ! But be careful, it will be necessary to think about the additional expenses and incompressible : equipment rentals, hardware, furniture, lighting, sanitation, decoration… The list is long !


We control the paperwork for the marriage

  • The rental contract : it must indicate precisely what is included in the price of the room with the schedules.


  • Insurance : Check with your body’s usual to know if you’re already covered in case something goes wrong. For security, you can also subscribe to a “cancellation insurance” if you have to abandon your projects.


We ask the right questions before you rent the hall wedding reception

  • What is the maximum capacity of the room ?
  • Can we organize the cocktail at the outside, and what to do in case of bad weather ?
  • Other providers are they charged ?
  • Is-what parking is provided ?
  • Is it possible to arrange a next day of marriage ?
  • What are the payment terms ?