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You are in the process of organizing the reception of your wedding, and you hesitate between the round tables, square tables, small versions small or longer for dinner… Then here’s a little push to tip the scales, thanks to our wedding planner Maeva Fuster agency Emerald&Cotton : so, here are 5 reasons to use long tables at your wedding !


Tables in U shape for a table plan is simpler on the evening of the wedding dinner

With a U-shaped layout, the table plan for the wedding will be less headache I assure you. You, your witnesses and your close relatives will be willing to the head of the U, and the groom’s family on the one hand, and then the bride on the other hand. The mutual friends will be placed evenly on both sides of the U, preferably they need to be close to people of the same generation. When the children, one can devote one end of the table.




The banquet, it is a little more for a wedding decoration rustic and summer

For an atmosphere absolutely chic and rustic at your wedding : what could be better than the long banquet table, very user-friendly, especially if you have the advantage to carry the meal outside. We opted for long wooden tables and chairs, spirit garden, in wood, also. All decorated in the heart of a green area or the foliage acts as a path table, or why under the vines and olives of the South…


The long tables, This allows to divide by 2 the number of elements of decoration

It is an economical solution because who says round table said every time 1 center table + 1 menu + decoration to reproduce a dozen times… With the long tables, we can divide by 2 these items, and play on a wedding decoration more asymmetrical, vases and floral arrangements of various sizes, several volumes of candles and lanterns etc… Nice, isn’t it ? And always having as a base a beautiful tablecloth with a very beautiful path table. If you choose the table option where the guests are seated, the mark-up individual seems to be inevitable, but you can also opt for the free investment !


It saves space with long tables in the reception hall

The long tables allow to save space : this provision is therefore ideal if you have many guests, especially if your room is not very large. In the context of a U-shaped layout, the centre can serve as a dance track !


You can bet on of the beautiful lights

For this nice bright decoration, the entire length of the table can be illuminated by lights leds. It is very practical, even magical, and fun to create a mood of wedding in mind industrial and chic, it is trendy !