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I don’t know about you girls, but I have always dreamed ofa castle in a huge field for my wedding. A large outdoor space, a place sometimes of story, of the place to accommodate a large wedding, lots of guests… And all coming together for an amazing brunch the next day under the big tents… so Here are these 5 reasons why you get married in a field can be a real good and super idea !


A domain to organize a wedding of princess

Who says domain is often said castle. And who said castle, said princess and prince who “lived happily ever after and had many children” ! This time, it is the imagination that takes over. A beautiful white dress, large tables, of the guests who come to celebrate our love. A castle, it is magical and romantic to organize a fabulous wedding, full of magic, if this is what you have been dreaming of being little, when mom you read beautiful fairy tales !


The area, a perfect place when there are a lot of guests

A domain, it is great. There is no doubt about it. There are large tables for dining, large rooms for dancing and celebrating your love : a castle you can accommodate very many guests at the party. Yes, because if you have a large family of both sides, it is necessary to be able to find an adequate space to avoid feeling cramped with 200 guests.


Organize her wedding in a field can also, and often, to the guests to sleep on the premises. No need for them to take the car in the evening, so here you are, reassure your guests will only have to go up to their room on foot. What is nice is that they will also be able to stay longer in the evening to your sides to make the party !


The area, a perfect place to take the air when it wants to

A domain, it’s still rarely in the city centre, wedged between two houses. A domain, it is a castle, a mansion, a huge golf course, a superb provencal farmhouse, a farmhouse surrounded by fields to the horizon… And it is also the gardens, the greenery, the air, the space, the opportunity to walk, to breathe. Surrounded by large green spaces, this location allows you to organize the wine of honor in the exterior but also the brunch the next day as well as culinary activities during the evening and games for the children. Because they need to blow these small pieces so as to take advantage of it for their install a corner for them. You could even install old games in a wood or a bouncy castle !


To maximize the use of this outside, in the middle of summer, it is possible to install a corner a little lounge with old leather armchairs, a small table with sweets, for those who want a bit of quiet, away from the dance floor ablaze !


The area, a charming place for a next day wedding friendly

The advantage of the field, is that it is large enough to hold both the wine reception and the meals in the changing atmosphere. And the exterior will allow you to organise a Garden Party or your “brunch lendemain ” for guests who are staying for the whole weekend. During this brunch, we set up a large grill, a huge griddle, awesome grill !


To create an atmosphere of relaxation and let the friends take a nap in the afternoon, we set up lounge chairs, ottomans and a tray with glasses of sun (this may be the gift that you make to your guests, for example !). We should not forget umbrellas and a basket with sunscreen if your wedding is organized to the beautiful days.


Long live nature, long live the great outdoors !

A domain, this is a big and often, it is far away from the city. It’s quiet, it’s relaxing, it’s a bit disconnected from the world, like you this weekend in fact. A place away from any form of civilization and of the problems for a weekend where you’ll be on a little cloud with the people you love, away from the worries of everyday life.