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Meeting my brides for the first time, it is not uncommon that I hear tell me that they dream of their wedding since they are all small and that they have in mind the smallest details to the organization of the day of the dream ! Only here, dreaming of the wedding of Cinderella is one thing, being able to achieve it is another. The issue of the budget back often things to reality. Yes, marry has a cost ! However, it is not impossible to have the day you dream of at the lowest price. If if ! Here are 5 tips to organize your wedding chic version low cost.


When preparing a wedding on a small budget it is necessary to review its level of requirement

To avoid being refractory to the propositions of your service providers, you must first confront yourself with the reality : you will not be able to organize the wedding you have been dreaming of it exactly as you had imagined. This does not mean that it will be messed up, but of course it will not match exactly to what you imagined since childhood. To avoid being disappointed, stay open to solutions that you will be made, and don’t be too demanding. Attention, this does not mean accept anything. You may find yourself with a marriage that’s not like you at all.


When preparing its marriage we learn to compromise

To avoid find yourself in this situation, I suggest you make a list of everything you want initially to analyze precisely what your budget allows you. For example, one of my clients wanted to get married in a castle or a very beautiful area, reach in a carriage drawn by unicorns, have a fireworks display at the time of the pièce montée. His budget did not allow, unfortunately, not afford everything she wanted. We then promoted the place by choosing a very nice area, we have replaced the horse-drawn carriage by an arrival in a car simple and beautifully ornate and the fireworks was reduced to the sparklers that the guests were all enlightened at the same time to the arrival of the wedding cake. His wishes were respected, but on a small scale so that it fits in his budget.


Negotiate rates with service providers (within reasonable limits)

An important step in the organization of your wedding is negotiating contracts with your service providers. When the budget is tight, you should remain attentive to the smallest details of the quote. Useless to pay for things that you will not use. But be careful not to fall into excess ! If a provider tells you that some things cannot be deleted from the quote and explains why it will be useless to insist.


Having a wedding planner

It is often said that wedding planners can organize weddings to big budget. This is what you watch on television. But all do not practice exorbitant rates. Whatever your budget, I would advise you to hire a wedding planner to accompany you. Some require you 10% of your budget to organize your D-day, which is ridiculous for his presence at your side throughout the duration of the preparations. The person in charge of the organization will always provide you solutions adapted according to your universe, and your personality. But it will also be a great help in the negotiation of your quote. She alone, by her experience, will be able to tell you whether or not certain services are useful. Educate yourself, it is worthwhile. A wedding planner is here to save you money and ensure that you don’t exceed your budget. So why deprive yourself ?


The trick to cheating on the wedding budget

Exclusively for the readers of Mariage.com here’s the trick I use to satisfy the desires of my future brides while saving you money. In any organization of your wedding, the only point on which you can make real savings it is the decoration. I’m not talking about the florist, but of all the small items that will dress up your tables and your reception venue. The magic of the Internet is that you can order at the other end of the world all kinds of small objects at very reasonable prices. We expect the balances to complete his list, we buy in bulk and sell the surplus to friends who are getting married, and with a bit of recovery. As, for example, pots of yoghurt in glass that you will decorate yourself. Effect, guaranteed and controlled budget ! Finally, when you are well surrounded and well-advised, even with a small budget you can achieve the wedding of our dreams… at low cost price !


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