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For its decoration of wedding, we like to use the nice dishes, floral arrangements are spectacular… but we can also try to make small savings for not igniting the budget of the wedding ! And some also want to create a few objects of decoration themselves. This article is for you ! We offer you 6 ideas completely génialissimes decorations in the spirit of “scrap” ! Did you know that you can recycle keys, a metal box, a suitcase or even vinyl for her wedding ? Well, yes ! Check out how to reuse these everyday objects into beautiful items of décor.

Keys used as trademarks-seater

You know, one of the important points in the preparation of the wedding, this is the table plan (this thing headache where you wonder how to place people without that auntie Laura and cousin Martin do you eat the nose !). Then on the day, each guest will be seated to the place that has been allocated to him. For this, it is necessary, of course, only a small paper to be prepared in each and every place with the name of the guest.

To offer a little originality to all of this, we suggest you recycle your old keys (you know, the ones that open doors and suitcases are unknown !) as a trade-mark-spaces. You can just hang the little piece of paper or cardboard to the key. This will give a little more s the mark-up, and as this one is sure that the paper does not fly off ! In addition to this, you will need a second set of keys, to show it at the entrance to the reception venue, where every guest will find out which table it is installed. As a bonus, you can optionally add a coloured ribbon to each key, not only because it will be nice, but because you can give a color code to each table, which will be more convenient to navigate. Nice idea, no ?

Crates of metal are transformed into coolers

Side buffet, it is also possible to do a recovery ! If you have in your garage of old crates in a metal that you no longer need, keep them to turn them into coolers. You can keep the crates as they are, or paint them, or tie a ribbon around it or on the handles. The D day, you fill of ice (classic or crushed ice) to cool your beverages.

Alcohol, sodas, fruit juice or simply water bottles, it is all the same better fees, especially if you are getting married at the beautiful days ! And instead of keeping everything in the fridge, nothing better than crates made of metal used as coolers. Guests can serve themselves, the drinks will be cool and the decoration will turn out to be vintage pretty.

As a bonus, you can optionally list them on a small panel which beverages make up your buffet, and leave one or two jars of straw colored along with bottles of juice and sodas.

A suitcase collects the little words and the gifts

Other object which can hang around in our attic : the old suitcase. Strong, he prefers, however, to the more recent, wheels. But this old baggage can find its place at your wedding ! Left open on a table, it will be able to collect the small words and other gifts from guests. Practice if it is a quest for a honeymoon for example ! To do this, simply indicate the usefulness of the suitcase on a small sign.

You can also decorate with fabric, banner, or even pictures of your new husband and you (well, yes, because the box is there for you !). Guests will immediately identify where to deposit their small present and don’t have to ask the question to the entire table. And then your old baggage will make a beautiful decoration in the spirit of vintage or retro in your ceremony !

Vinyl records are transformed into parts mounted

For the buffet again, you have dug up a tip to give fancy to the radius of petits fours and wedding cake ! What would you say to use old vinyl records that you listen to it, in place of traditional door-cupcakes or glass dishes ?

For this you will need to take three vinyl around a metal pin, such as on the displays of classic cupcakes. Ideal for a wedding on the theme of the 50’s ! There is no doubt that the guests will be intrigued and entertained in front of the buffet of sweets ! Who would have said that you would find a new usefulness for these 33 and 45 rpm ?

The covered slip in a pocket of fabric or jean

For the tables of reception this time, it was discovered a clever idea and fun to present the cutlery. Instead of having conventional way around the plate and glasses, why not slip in a pocket of fabric or jean ? You can recycle old pants, towels, or other linens that you no longer want.

It goes for that need to do a little sewing, and cut out a back pocket whether it is pants, or a square of fabric if it is a linen, which they sew then in the shape of a pocket. So we can then insert the cutlery and the napkin. Fun, like presentation, right ? The denim goes well with a theme of american wedding, or even cowboy, rustic or country-style.

The covered take of the color

The last idea recovery that is proposed to you : give the power s to old covered. If you rent a room for your wedding, you will need to bring your own crockery, negotiate with your caterer or even renting it out, and if you need to buy 200 sets of cutlery, it’s going to be expensive. But the old steel utensils that you have in stock bring you down a little. Not to worry ! Give color to the forks, knives and spoons by painting them in half ! You will need to dip each covered in a pot of paint. Once dry, the result will be explosive ! The cover will therefore be half in money and half colored.

You can choose the same shade of paint for all the cutlery, or switch back and forth. Why not choose a color code in function of the covered ? A color for forks, one for knives, and a third for spoons in accord with your wedding theme. If the rest of your table decoration is already colorful, try to find shades that will blend well with, and if the tables are simple (white, black, beige…), cutlery set will bring color and gaiety ! We love the idea, don’t you ?