6 reasons why getting married in winter is a good idea29.11.201729.11.2017admin

Often, we want to get married under a beautiful sun, warm, to enjoy a beautiful wedding reception outdoors. But yet… You’re not necessarily compelled to you rush in full bloom in summer to say yes to their loved one. In the winter, which was not necessarily the rating at all, because the cold and short days tend to reign supreme, however, is a season that has many benefits to organizing a wedding. Why ? We will reveal to you just below that… You will be charmed !


A wine of honor user-friendly around a delicious mulled wine

It will be more or less spicy, sweet, tangy to taste. It will be enhanced with delicious sandwiches hot and salty, with toasts to the flavors of winter how hot apples, camembert runny, smoked ham, bacon and warm goat cheese, foie gras and figs, small sausages… We are certain that if your guests hear all this, they already want it to be cool to be at your wedding and enjoy the wine of honour gourmand. But small flat in the middle of winter, be aware that the meal is unlikely to be composed of cold appetizers and summer salads. The dinner must be hot, and not lukewarm. Then comes the complications to keep the dishes at the right temperature for all the guests… But waiting to find the right meals, you should also consider the wine of honour : organize around a nice glass of mulled wine at the exit of the town hall for example.



Long live the candles and the lighted garlands for the decoration of the wedding

In the absence of a floral decoration, lights candles, light strings and lanterns come to establish the full heat required by the cold in the reception hall and even outside, if you’re thinking about installing a small cozy corner to take the air. You can install big armchairs in faux leather, or large beanbags around space heaters outside that you have thought of renting. As for the odor of the flowers, they are more fragrant and heady in sets of pot-pourri than fresh. But to those who were unaware, the vegetation is mostly not in its flowering period in the middle of winter… which complicates the composition of the bouquets with the obvious shortage of flowers, unlike in the spring.



A look in winter and glamour to the bride will

The outfits are certainly more foam, but in the winter, it is also a good way to capitalize on the accessories, play with the details as in the enormity. To complement her bridal dress, why not slip in ankle boots, buttoned way Eighteenth century ? And call her glamorous style with long gloves satin, a scarf, a mohair and a camisole fur sensual while having the merit to stay warm. Please be aware that for those who would love to strut his stuff in a strapless wedding gown or small flanges, with sandals or shoes with open toes, to face the coldness of the winter will be harsh ! The long sleeves will be required of themselves !



More flexibility to make your reservations

The dates for book rentals, the reception hall, the town hall, or place of worship, will be more numerous than in the summer months, where the bride and groom are scrambling to get a place hoped for the sun. In a period of off-season usual wedding, the service providers (caterers, DJ’s, drivers, room rental, decoration, furniture…) braderont often their prices appropriately. However, the reservations of the typical places (cabins, cottages, cabins, mountain…) will see an increase in their rates in high season for alpine skiing. Therefore, it is better to take well in advance to hope to be able to negotiate the price. In addition, if the date is getting too close to Christmas or the end of the year, guests are likely to be used elsewhere, in their families, without being able to be free.


Small savings on the drinks of the wedding but not on the heating

The savings in cooling will certainly be notable. In the summer, the bar of sodas and other have cooling is robbed. In the winter, it is better to build on a stand of hot drinks, to warm the throat, the hands and the hearts of the guests. Why not think of a bar with coffees, teas or hot chocolates ? By contrast, small flat on the note of heating and lighting which might be quite salty. The dance hall, the church, the reception, will have to be sufficiently tiédies to ensure that guests feel at their ease, and remain as late as they can.


Many activities are proposed to guests in outside

It will require substantial creativity to care tirelessly for the guests. If they stay too long, static, they can quickly take cold. In the winter, the occupations on the outside are very many, contrary to what one might expect. Just look at how the children will give heart to joy. And inspiration of some of their games and relaxation, to make your animations wedding of the unforgettable moments of the battle of balls of snow to the downhill in sleds, going for rides in horse-drawn carriages or to the competitions of snowman !


One thing is for sure, contrary to popular belief and despite some complications with logistics, a marriage arranged for the winter can be wonderfully magical, surrounded by the magic of the mountain, Christmas, nordic and scandinavian (here’s an idea of themes !). A great opportunity to get off the beaten track with originality, while keeping warm in the corner of a large fireplace, for a romantic candlelit dinner with all your loved ones.