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There is one thing on which we do not necessarily think when one chooses his place of reception and which nevertheless has a great importance : the right of cap. What we are talking about here ? When you want to make your wedding reception in a area, wine-growing, for example, and that produces its own wine, you will be most certainly proposed to serve this wine at your wedding. If you want to instead choose a different wine, then you will need to pay a corkage the owner. Hence the importance of knowing when selecting your reception venue about the different prices, whether there is a right to cap or not… Blandine Augen, wedding planner for the agency, Wings & Zen Events, we give 6 valuable information to know about the corkage.


The right of cap : it’s not just the domains

If you thought you would avoid all problems by avoiding areas and especially the wineries, think again ! The rights of cap may also apply to restaurants and hotels. It is always necessary to ask the question before going to visit a place of reception, whatever it is. However, the party venues are safe values on this point. Since they are communal, we can’t ask you to pay a corkage. Also, even if it is very rare, the caterers can also request one if they offer wine or other alcohol and that you want to provide you with elsewhere. This, nevertheless, remains an exception, and it is better to flee these caterers.


The price can climb very quickly

The prices really are very variable and each domain requires more or less its price. In general, prices range between € 1.50 per bottle and 15 euros. If this price is so high, as you say take the bottles offered by the domain will be a more economical solution or, that it is better to change the place of receipt. In fact, this is part of the small bills hidden that end up doubling your budget for alcohol.


Price-per-bottle or per guest : how to make the calculation with the right of the plug for a wedding ?

There are several ways to calculate the amount of the fee cap. Originally called “the right cap” as well as, the next day of the festivities, the owners are asking to recover all the caps of the bottles, that they count, and calculate, therefore, the final price multiplied by the number of bottles consumed. But now (and probably to avoid some small fraud…) one computes more and more the price compared with the number of guests. For example, a right cap 3 euros per guest for 100 guests, you will be up to 300 euros.

The right of cap also depends on the regions

If you organize your wedding in a region that is highly wine, obviously you will have more risk of falling on a reception place that asks for a right to cap. For example, they are very numerous in Burgundy or in the Gironde. But on the other hand, in the Creuse, for example, you can find much less. This is also a given to remember before choosing where to get married.


You may be forced to choose alcohol proposed for your wedding

If some reception venues require corkage, for others it is strictly forbidden to bring liquor home. Thus, you will be forced to deal with the alcohol that they serve you, without the hope of you provide elsewhere. Good, before fleeing to great not, please know that it can also be a good deal. If the price of alcohol is to your liking, this may be more practical to provide you with on the spot. For this, a small tip, at the time of visit the reception venue, ask to set up a tasting of several wines, to be sure of your choice.


A corkage on certain spirits and not others : oh yeah ?

Please be aware that in most cases, the right of the cap does not apply to all spirits, but just some. For example, if the domain in which you want to make your wedding reception offers you only the red wine, they can not charge you for the presence of white wine or champagne, as they do not offer. You can, however, be forced to buy a few bottles of red wine. Also, in other regions, such as Champagne, for example, this would apply to the reverse on the champagne , but they will not make you pay a corkage on wines, for example.