6 tips to manage and avoid the unexpected during the marriage07.06.201707.06.2017admin

Your wedding is fast approaching and you do not have more than a few details to settle. And after months of planning this big day it is necessary that everything is perfect. Virginia Reference, wedding planner for the agency Ceremonize, gives you 6 tips for managing the unexpected, or, better still, avoid them.


Make check-lists to organize the day of the wedding

No secret, not to mention it must be noted, especially when it comes to a wedding, with a billion details to think about. This is really the first thing to be put in place. Do you make a check-list of things that you need to bring beforehand about the place (drinks, decorations, etc…),a check-list of the last details that needs to be done, last minute shopping, a check-list of things that you need to take the day (exit from the ceremony, alliances, paper, etc…). Always keep these checklists on you in order to be able to notice as soon as you have something in mind.


Planning every moment of the wedding

Even if you are not up to the minute and that you have in mind the sequence of events of the day, it is essential for you to plan each and every time. This will allow you to not to forget anything and when you déroulerez this schedule to “repeat” this day in advance, this will allow you to highlight the small lapses of memory or to readjust some things. Of course this planning will be to communicate to each service provider so it knows what time it will occur.


Ask for help from your family and friends

After the planning and the check-lists, this is the next step. It is obvious that you will not be able to do everything every two, then every task should be delegated. Especially for the D-day because the only thing that should concern you, it is to let yourself be pampered and enjoy. There are a few small last-minute shopping to do on your check list ? Delegate your witnesses, mothers, brothers and sisters, who know all too well that you and you will free valuable time.


Name a master of time who the day of the wedding will be able to manage the timing and will remind you gently that you only have 15 minutes to put on your shoes and head to the car that will take you to the town hall. Or even someone who will be shipped to providers on the day J. Name as a referent that can be called in case of a problem : to help a guest lost…or will the top start catering to the sending of the piece mounted.