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The marriage, it is the quest of perfection… A quest arduous, fraught with peril and pitfalls for the bride-to-be. Because make no mistake : any bride-to-be is experiencing moments of doubt (” do I really want a wedding naturist ?” ), and fear of making mistakes, even your girlfriend, Cynthia, who claims that her wedding with 500 guests, is ” organized in a turn of the hand” . So, for you to avoid giving in to the pressure you turning into Bridezilla, you made the list of 7 mistakes that can make the bride-to-be, those who are extremely tempting, but which you will need to resist it ardently !


Talk to everyone about their marriage

Why do we do it ? It is too ecstatic to keep the news to ourselves, we can’t hold back, talk to everyone, all the time. When the preparations begin, we are so absorbed that one has the impression that all the world is waiting for our D-Day with as much impatience as we.


The risk : first, we run the risk of alienating some of our family and friends were tired to hear always talk about. Then, our colleagues and our friends of yoga, which one describes each step of the preparation, may believe that they will also be of the party. This could become really annoying when they will shut off our commentary on the verrines avocado-shrimp a ” oh no, certainly not, I’m allergic to seafood” , then you had simply planned to offer a coupette of champagne after work.



Wanting to manage everything all alone to organize her wedding

Why do we do it ? Hard to trust when it comes to such an important event. We want our marriage we match perfectly and that every detail makes sense. So, if you don’t have the means to call in a wedding planner, it’s hard to pass the reins to the duo mother/stepmother (especially when one sees that they have not renounced to the permanent sauerkraut of the 80s).


The risk : to Discover that we have overestimated our energy and our capabilities, and eventually.




Giving too much importance to the opinion of other

Why do we do it ? Because the day of our wedding, we will be directly under the spotlight, and that sounds a bit reassuring to know that our choices are approved by the other. Especially if this is Constance, our friend, always perfect to the tips of the nails, which we breath to the ear.


The risk of being dispossessed of our wedding, and end up with a dress/decoration/theme that does not suit us really. Well, after that, if it is a cut mullet or ground leopard which stir the radar anti-Fashion faux-pas of Consistency, it is recommended to listen to it. Except if it is really your kif.


Be obsessed with his marriage

Why do we do it ? Difficult to do otherwise, in fact. We see the wedding day come closer, one thinks of all what he left for us to do, we talk about it all day, and –bang ! it is surprising to dream of sugared almonds, tulle and share.


The risk : Losing control of the rest of our lives, neglect our professional obligations and hobbies as usual. And end up pretty empty, a few days after the wedding, when our friends from the bridge do not respond to our calls (the first in over a year) and our boss refilera records as crispy to our colleagues.



Rely on a diet to lose weight before the wedding

Why do we do it ? As one who has never bought jeans a bit too tight by saying “I stop the bread and sweets, and it will cream ” we cast the first stone. When you find the dress of our dreams, it is almost impossible to get hold of the buy. So we said that if we lose a cap, it will be perfect, or that the fallen will be perfect once we get will be remplumée and have made a few sets of squats.


The risk : You remember the john who would cream once our two pounds evacuated ? There’s a good chance that this is also the one that’s been lingering in the back of our closet, between our squash racket and our rollers (purchased the day where we saw Bliss). And it is a little bit trickier on the day it is a wedding dress that was bought compulsively, and that one should spend the day adjusting her neckline or to hold his breath.



Not to train them to walk with her bridal shoes

Why do we do it ? Because we have something else to think about. And that our shoes are so gorgeous that we prefer to admire them in their lovely box, wrapped in their tissue paper, rather than risk damaging.


The risk : According to the worst case scenarios of apocalyptic, a fall in the middle of the aisle or a moment of solitude when one needs to ignite the dance floor. More realistically, there is a risk of being nailed to our chair from 22 hours and having to care for our bulbs during our honeymoon. So we walk and we learn to live with her wedding shoes.



Change her beauty habits before the wedding

Why do we do it ? Because some will tell us that this is the day where we can afford all the audacities : after all, it is we, the queen of the party. Test the contouring, pencil lip, and blush fluo, so it is now or never.


The risk : In some years, fall on our wedding photos and we say ” but who is this person ?” . Then, choose rather the never that the now, and focus instead on a make-up relatively understated, not leaving too many of our habits.