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You are going to tell you Yes, and you go happily in search of your reception hall now. The objective : find the room of your dreams, but be careful to follow our advice before you commit. What you should know before you sign the contract with your service provider ? It tells you everything !



A reception room adapted to the needs of married

During your research, you will find a wide choice of venues wedding reception, from the castle to the cottage, passing by the hotel or the area. During your visit, you will need to of course ensure that the capacity of the room is sufficient compared to your number of guests, but also make sure that the style is consistent with your wishes and theme of your wedding. No need to choose a castle if you dream of a wedding bohemian chic with large tables in the outside for example…


The contract for the reception hall : what should you check before committing ?

As in any relationship between individuals and professionals, a rental agreement must be proposed. He must resume beyond the coordinates of the two parties, the date and times of rental, but also detail what is included such as :
• the room(s) outdoor(s)
• access to equipment and catering (office, access to water, electricity)
• accessible outdoor (gardens, car parks…)
• the furniture (tables and chairs provided)
• if there is accommodation, the description of the latter with the terms and conditions of booking, and the retail price per accommodation


How can it be covered as part of our room hire ?

First, you should know that the rooms generally require the provision of a contract civil liability insurance to cover you in case of damage caused by you or a third party. This may be the deterioration of a part of the room, but also in case of fire, or of water damage that may be caused during the reception. It is important to know that as a renter you are considered as the organizer of the event, and what is your responsibility is committed with room also for other providers that will be involved. So take care to choose professional service providers and to which you can return in case of problem.


What’s the solution in case of cancellation ?

The contract for your room rental needs to inform you of the cancellation conditions. That this is a case of force majeure, separation (you will not want to !), deferral of a date, or even because of an unexpected side room (natural disaster, closure), you need to be informed of your rights. Of specialty insurance in the marriage can protect you in minimizing the financial losses related to the breach of a contract with a room, or other provider. Think about it before you commit.


And for the resolution : how is it ?

First of all, the rental price and the terms of settlement are well required to appear on your contract. This corresponds to the maturity dates with the amounts, but also the modes of payment are accepted (cheques, transfers, cash..). The room will probably ask you for a deposit or bond, the amount must be indicated, and this information is to check before you sign your rental contract marriage.


My room wedding reception offers a turn-key service, is this a good idea ?

If you choose a room with a turnkey service, that is to say that offers all or a part of the organization of your wedding, you will need to ensure the following points :
• apply a corkage on bottles of wine and champagne ?
• what are the packages offered by their service providers ?
• the cleaning fee is included in the rent, or is this your care ?
• a security officer is it taxed ?
• additional charges are applied if you want to have the front room for decoration ?


In short, many things to confirm with the venue in advance to avoid bad surprises.


I dream of a fireworks display on the Day, am I right ?

This should be stated in your lease contract room. The activities and objects that are allowed and prohibited within the place like fireworks, letting go of a balloon, arrive in a helicopter, and even the use of materials that are not biodegradable must be detailed. In case of doubt, check the owner’s permission before you book anything, under penalty of refusal, as the Day J, or see your security deposit will fly away…


You can now from the serene to the search of your wedding venue with our pro advice ! Feel free to check out our directory of providers to find your beautiful reception venue !