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You have fallen for a houseboat to organise the reception of your wedding ? It is so romantic to celebrate their union in a place that you will carry, you will travel and will enjoy the monuments lit up. But attention all the same to read 8 things if you get married on a houseboat, 8 points to keep in mind that Virginia Mention, the director of the agency Ceremonize and co-founder of the Assocem gives you here to validate your choice.


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1 – Insist on punctuality, for guests

That said barge, said departure of the cruise for your wedding. But out of the question from if all guests are not present. On your part, it is necessary to insist on the punctuality of your guests, to avoid that latecomers will not come to ruin the evening ! But of course, in spite of your recommendations there will always be a laggard stuck in traffic or can’t find the entrance to the port, plan a cocktail at the dock a little longer than a classic cocktail, about 2 hours.


2 – Create a check-list of your guests

To be certain not to leave any guest, please don’t hesitate to provide a list of guests to be to a close, the team of the houseboat, in order to ensure a welcome in the arrival of the guests. They will be able to check the people who are present and be sure not to forget anyone !


3 – Make sure you take notice of the point of arrival

When you start navigation, it may be for several various reasons to the point of arrival is not the same as that of the departure. It may be that the dock was no longer available to moor on arrival, perhaps it is a peculiarity of the company… And if this is the case, it is very annoying if this had not been anticipated. Make sure you do so with the company that the arrival of the barge will be at the same place as the starting point. If this is not the case, it will be necessary to put in place a system of shuttle for your guests.

4 – You are planning a symbolic ceremony

It is quite possible to arrange a symbolic ceremony on a houseboat to celebrate your union. But you should know that on most of the barges it will be organized in an informal way, due to lack of space, lack of sound etc… plus the plan B will not necessarily be ideal so keep in mind a ceremony informal, rather than a beautiful ceremony in the decoration magnificent with beautiful rows of chairs.

5 – pay Attention to the gastronomy offered

As the end of French gastronome, the meal of a marriage is so very important. It is not uncommon for barges due to lack of space in a kitchen is tiny, do not offer so that the food frozen. If this is important to you, please do not hesitate to speak with the company and especially to visit the corner office. Its size and its equipment will speak for themselves.

6 – The air conditioning on the houseboat

Yes, this is an important point. Because on a barge could not open the portholes or windows. It is important to check that this last one has an air conditioning that works perfectly for the comfort of your guests.

7 – supervision of The children on the barge

A reception on a barge is not incompatible for children. But have in mind that children usually does not remain static or quietly sitting at the table. They need to run, move, jump. Also, this will be more difficult on a houseboat in meters squared counted. In addition, there are usually no parts that can be dedicated to children at a young age so that they can sleep quietly.

8 – The end time

On a barge of course, it is possible to party until the end of the night if the barge has the necessary permissions. Attention, however, to your budget ! In fact, it will certainly provide hours of overtime for the rental of the houseboat, but also for the presence of the masters of hotel. Also according to the time at which you think you finish off your evening (a little hint : on average a wedding ends at around 3 o’clock in the morning). Ask precise quantification including these extra hours in order to avoid any bad surprise ending, which would inflate the spending !


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