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You’re launched in your wedding preparations, even very much advanced. It has the force to travel the net looking for the best provider, read every articles that you find on the tips and tricks not to miss this great day, you think the world of marriage is no longer no secret for you. Have you even thought of everything ? Virginia Reference, Wedding Planner for Ceremonize, you informed her about the 8 things you need to know to make you not be taken by potential providers.


Attention to the signing of the contract with your provider of marriage

When you will be decided on a provider, it will be necessary to formalise your agreement by signing a contract that will specify your duties, but also those of the provider. Do not allow yourself to buy a nice smile and a “we will not bother with the paperwork” ! And well, if you have to ! There will certainly be no problem between you and the service provider, but if ever there is a dispute, this paperwork will be very helpful. Feel free to read the smallest line and ask for clarification if this point seems unclear to you.


The payment of the first installment

It must be specified in the contract. Ask when your deposit or the deposit will be cashed. For some services, it is normal that the service provider cash relatively quickly. This will be the case for providers to engage in a work quickly after the signature. For other providers, such as the caterer, for example, there is a cash advance rather than a deposit to start a job, ask for it to be cashed much later (1 month before the wedding ?). In the meantime, this cheque will serve as a guarantee in case of last minute cancellations.


The balance to be paid must be specified in the contract

Here also the payment of the balance must be stipulated in the contract and be aware that, except in special cases, the balance will be payable the day of the wedding. Moreover, do not hesitate to entrust this task to a person close which will tour providers to give them back their cheque.


Take into account the travel costs of the provider

It is normal that the travel costs incurred for your wedding to be reimbursed to the provider. Yes, but reasonable all the same ! For example, if you get married in Britain and that you insist that it is the photographer X Paris who covers your wedding, it is normal to reimburse him for his travel. For the provider, which has 10 km to go, it is less so. Establish with your provider, which will therefore be reimbursed, but will especially require of him to repay the actual costs, except if he offers you a package cheaper.


Validate the time of presence of each service provider at your wedding

It is very important to validate the time of presence of each service provider. Some offer packages that schedules “”other packages” evening “, regardless of the time of the end.


For a DJ, rather, it is a pass event that it has to offer you because if he offers you a package with five hours of attendance, and overtime after midnight… there are, as who would say, a small concern ?


For the photographer with whom you have planned to stay until the cake usually is served from 23: 30 (ideally), if, finally, you’ve had a big shift in the day and that your cake will be served at 2 o’clock in the morning : plan in advance what kind of unforeseen with the relevant providers to see if they will charge you overtime, or if they are soft and you leave a bit of margin. It would be a pity that under the pretext of budget, you can’t pay for the extra hours of the photographer and thus miss the beautiful pictures of your cake.


The meals of the service provider on the evening of the wedding, do I have to take that into account ?

It is often a great issue which arises every time : should I feed or not my service providers ? The answer is Yes ! The nuance that I would like to give would be that only providers present all day or all night are concerned. In fact, this is not very practical for a service provider, such as the photographer that follows you throughout the day or even the artist, or even DJ to provide his lunchbox or go buy a sandwich (and so be absent then it is supposed to be at your wedding). And the cartoonist that will be crunched during the 1 hour 30 of your guests, or even the cake designer came up just deliver and present your wedding cake, are not supposed to charge you for a meal. Yet, by experience and for having already lived, there are some who do. You can see the number of providers affected or offer them in exchange for a glass of champagne and a few parts cocktails that will always be a pleasure.


Specify the work of the provider before, during, and after the wedding

In some cases, we need to specify to the supplier what it does exactly and what it must provide. For example, if you rent a car, the floral decoration is not part of office (yes !). Do specify to possibly be one if you want. Or if you are doing a secular ceremony to your reception venue, do you clarify whether chairs will be placed at your disposal or if you need to rent and which will put them in place (and there, big surprise, this is not necessarily expected by the venue or the caterer, especially if you rent chairs at the outside). Or another example for the caterer, he does not take office with him all the garbage (and if the place requires that the garbage be brought back !) or well does not necessarily do the cleaning at the end of its service… And if the reception room that you rent, you request to take the broom to your departure, you will have to stick to it !


Revalidate each requested service with each of the providers of the wedding

A few days before the wedding, revalidate with each provider in its delivery : to what time it should arrive, all he needs to do etc… And after your appointment (face or telephone), please do not hesitate to send an e-mail confirmation of all these points. This will allow you to adjust any unforeseen events or to be sure that your latest changes are sent by email a month ago have been taken into consideration. As a general rule, please do not hesitate to read and re-read the contracts you are offered. If something is not clear, please do not hesitate to share them with your provider to raise your questions.