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Autumn, what a beautiful season for a wedding ! Its colors, its landscapes but also for its seasonal fruits and vegetables. You furthermore may have chosen to hold your reception in the heart of this wonderful time of the year. This comes at peak, because here we are going to talk about wedding meal in the fall. The chef Damien Prescod for which the fall is by far his “favorite season because of the superb products make their appearance” will surprise you with dishes incredibly greedy for your wedding meal.

What foods to delight your guests at a wedding in the fall ?

It is essential to focus on fresh and seasonal products to ensure that they are well tasty. Squash, chestnuts, pumpkins, pumpkin, mushrooms, red meats, fish such as the grondin, the bream and the trout… We also put on the apples, dates and exotic fruits : tasty food and totally autumnal, which have their place on the table fall to your wedding meal. The small board in addition to the chef Damien Prescod ? ” To accompany the meal, prefer, rather bread, sourdough, natural, or bread, more rustic rather than the traditional baguette “. below, the chef Damien Prescod offers 9 ideas of dishes typically autumnal, that will delight your guests.


Regional fungi, and to the County

As an aperitif, you can play on bite-size forest, such as regional mushroom and the County, these small treats are perfect for the season. Crispy on the outside and melting on the inside, they delight your guests for sure. The association of the fungus, the star product of the fall, with the County, brings the original side to these delicious bites to propose before the wedding meal. These regional fungi remain an entry relatively simple. Serve these in small ramekins for the family side and warm.



Little verrines of creamy with the flavors of fall

What could be more autumnal than cute little verrines colors and flavors of autumn ? We focus on seasonal produce : squash, pumpkins, pattypan, pumpkin, vegetables on the top to provide delicious, velvety that will bring softness and smoothness to the palate of your guests before the main dish. Intensive but light, they will be perfect before the main meal more substantial.



Foie gras and gingerbread

It is an entry course classical season : the famous foie gras accompanied by his gingerbread. A dish delicious to offer, in particular if the decoration of your wedding is very elegant, modern, refined. A stylish wedding with keys royal for example. For this delicate enter, the best is a minimalist presentation in a nice plate of neutral color.


Coquille Saint-Jacques with lime and red beets

It’s important to remember that the coquille Saint-Jacques sign his return for this season, and it is often a product that pleases the greatest number, which is associated in many ways, raw as cooked. The chef proposes an original idea to combine the scallops with beets and lime, which will bring a little touch of tart. the coquille Saint-Jacques is particularly suited to a wedding by the sea.


Cream of mushroom, oyster mushroom, chestnuts, roasted

For a more vegetable, you can offer a cream of oyster mushrooms and chestnuts roasted that you can enjoy with a crumble of blue cheese. If the wedding meal takes place in a small committee, in a warm and friendly atmosphere, as at home, then this delicious entry fall will be perfectly appropriate.



Duck breast and apples in the air

In the fall, red meats and game will be well received. We will look for more of the field notes, woodland, walks in the forest… A duck breast with apples in the air (to set the potato, sweet potato and apple fruit). You will have understood, in the fall, we play on the variations of the apple, the fruit star of this season. Duck combined with apples can be enjoyed particularly the guests ofa wedding rustic.


Pavé of trout and butternut

If you prefer to offer the fish to your guests, trout is one fish to enjoy for the season. Goes well with roasted vegetables, a variation of peanut butter that will subtly the fish and make the dish pus original and most distinguished.


Grilled beef breed Bulls, his dark mushrooms and mashed chestnut

This is the flat, typically in the fall : go for a gentle walk in the forest with this dish of beef with mushrooms and chestnuts. The smells and flavors that will travel your guests in a universe a rustic. Perfect in a garden or country wedding, or for a reception and tour exclusively to the fall season.



Dessert dark chocolate and intense fruit

For your desserts wedding, place a bet on dark chocolate intense, for example by offering a chocolate dessert that you will attach to the fruits of the season, apples, pears, dates : it is the dessert totally tantalizing to propose in the fall. It is the season of exotic fruits : papaya, pineapple and pomegranate have their place on your tables of desserts.




Thanks to head chef Damien Prescod

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