A bridal shower is pink and glamor to organize with her girlfriends before the wedding !08.04.201808.04.2018admin

The bridal shower is a celebration that takes place a few months before the wedding and that brings together the entourage of women: the bride (her mother, her aunts, her friends …). This festival is usually organised by the best friend without the knowledge of the bride-to-be to make him a nice surprise ! On the menu : games, a great atmosphere, sweets to enjoy, and gifts to equip the home of the bride-to-be. What theme you like it ?

That offer to invited to a bridal shower ?

It is a day of girly to do honour to the bride. She is surrounded by her friends, and to this day, she can also invite her mother and mother-in-law if she wishes. Girls find then around a moment of relaxation and cocooning. You can bring a masseuse, a beautician for manicure and pedicure, you can offer your loved ones a bunch of small snacks and cocktails in agreement with the theme of your day. Witnesses can provide little games. At the end of the day, we also think to not let her friends leave without a little present. May be an item that they will wear at the wedding ?