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The Pacific Ocean remains the homeland of a people who continue to live traditionally in harmony with nature, trusting to the generosity of the sea and of the earth. In his heart, flourishes in New Caledonia, located not far from Australia, honeymoon destination, atypical and authentic, which may well please you to go on a honeymoon trip. Brigitte Keromen, director of the Travel agency Legend, reveals the charms of this far-away land, of enchantment and adventure.



New Caledonia, a land of travel for the young bride

This island, which requires to be proved, to be visited, extends over 400 km long and 50 km wide and hosts 245 600 residents preferred. His landscapes reveal an unexpected diversity and impressive. It is a true showcase with a fauna and a flora of exception, the “Stone” (the nickname given to the New Caledonia because of its rich sub-soil nickel, chromium, and copper). Here are found the highest rate of endemic plant species in the Pacific and one of the richest tropical forests. Noumea, its capital, astonishes more than it appears strange with its gourmet restaurants, its marinas full of flowers, its paris stores of prestige and hotels near the beaches shaded by palm trees.



New Caledonia is an ideal destination for a honeymoon ?

Yes because its landscapes and its beaches are well suited for daydreaming, relaxation, and romance for a couple in honeymoon. And because the vast choice of activities that offers the “stone” can only satisfy all tastes and all desires of a couple, including if they are different (…taste !). Because the young people married, wherever they go, outside of Noumea, will be ” alone in the world “, be amazed by the beauty and contrasts of sites, seduced by the kindness and warmth of the native melanesians, who inhabit the Grande terre, the Loyalty islands and the isle of Pines.



What is the best time to visit New Caledonia ?

Between end-march and end-June or between September and the end of November. The months of July and August are a little cool !


What leisure activities to practice during a honeymoon in New Caledonia ?

On earth, you can enjoy beautiful walks in the forest parks or horseback riding in the Chain, walks in the primary forest, safaris in 4×4 in the bush, hunting for deer or wild boar, cultural visits to museums, archaeological sites. In march, participate in boat rides, water ski, jet-ski, sailing, Hobbie cat, windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing. And in the air, opt for a helicopter, a flight in a MICROLIGHT or even a baptism of kite surfing.



What are the fundamental activities honeymoon ?

Spend a few days in Noumea on arrival, because this city is really very pleasant to live in, then rent a car and go to the discovery of the Great Land to complete the stay by 2 or 3 nights on the Isle of Pines, the jewel of the south seas. Another romantic idea, enjoy a canoe ride into the bay of Upi to the isle of Pines and watch the sunrise. For an evening head-to-head during a honeymoon trip, schedule a dinner at The restaurant 1881 on the peninsula of Nouville (also known as the home of the pier, this site is part of the list of historic monuments since 1973).




What is the budget for this honeymoon ?

For a stay of 13 days/10 nights, the budget starts at around€ 4,000 per person (flights and transfers, visits and excursions not included), for a couple on their honeymoon.




What to eat in New Caledonia ?

For lunch, there are very many small snacks and/or small restaurants charming displaying of the rates are very reasonable (15€ to 20€/person). For dinner, choose a restaurant where seafood is the specialty because they are very popular and are of great quality : crabs, lobsters, spiders of the sea… also know that many restaurants charge fares that are very accessible for this specialty : between 30 to 40€/person. For a drink before or after dinner, bars, lounge along the beaches and nightclubs abound for dancers.



3 moves the heart to stay in New Caledonia

A few minutes from Noumea, on the island Master, you can stay at the Getaway, in a bungalow on stilts. In making the tour of the Grande Terre, Sarraméa, or you can put your luggage in the Escape, the edge of the river, if not, to the isle of Pines, do not hesitate to come to you to rest in the Meridian, at the edge of the natural pool of Oro. But my coup de coeur goes to the boutique hotel Escape to the authenticity of the site, the refined decor of the bungalows, the excellence of the table and the cellar and the many activities offered in the surrounding area.



Practical info before closing his suitcase for New Caledonia

  • Formalities : You must have a valid passport, valid 6 months after return date is mandatory because of the stopovers and Visa required for holders of residence card.
  • Vaccination : No vaccination is compulsory.
  • Jet lag : it takes more than 10 hours (in winter) and 9 hours (in the summer).
  • Currency : pacific franc 1 € = 119,332 PSC. Credit cards are accepted by many hotels and traders. Vending machines however are more rare in the “bush” and in the islands.
  • Languages spoken : French and dialects of melanesian.
  • The climate : the warm season (southern summer) from December to march, count of 27° to 33° and for the cold season (southern winter) from April to November, count of 20° to 26°.
  • Electricity: 220V, made in france.