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Was looking for animations to put in place for your wedding ? Activities that are out of the ordinary and traditional ? You don’t have to miss the trend, “bar theme” for a wedding reception. Here we offer you the bar tattoo. But what is it ? Why is it fun and trendy ? Why it will please and, especially, how to implement it ? Mariage.com you said it all.



The bar tattoo : what is it ?

The trend of tattoos does not date from yesterday, from childhood, we see pass under our eyes, starting with those present in the eternal Malabar. This trend has largely democratized in recent years, to such an extent that it is no longer rare to see it make its appearance until the marriage, in the form of “Tattoo Bar” or bar tattoos. This activity consists of offering tattoos ephemeral and often personalized for the occasion, accompanied by the necessary that will allow your guests to make ” tattoo “. Of course, it remains ephemeral, then don’t panic, everyone will be able to participate if people are interested. In addition to being a fun activity, funny and original, you can offer your guests the opportunity to keep the memory for the least unique of your wedding, what’s more, that changes the photobooth more traditional.

The bar and tattoos, to what type of wedding ?

Well, for all types ! There are as many themes as there are married, and the tattoos are adaptable to all. Customizable, they can in fact adhere to the theme chosen for the event, or stay totally free and for example give a look rock as the romantic : nothing is forbidden. Many sites such as Etsy, Sioou, MyLittleDay or TattooFab offer face painting tattoos and Tattoo Bar, giving you plenty of choice, and it is so much better. Because, yes, each love story is unique, and it is important to be able to offer a reception in his image. You can find tattoos of the pattern, the color and shape of your choice, which may even take the form of your initials, the date of your marriage as well as your faces, and also will match your theme, but mainly to your couple.

At what time propose this animation wedding ?

You have found the business you dream of, but now, a question arises… at what point in time the place ? The wine of honor still remains the best time. This is to prevent the end of the evening, otherwise, watch out for the tattoos on the front… In all cases, your guests and you will be able to enjoy it without, however, miss the feast. In fact, a tattoo ephemeral, taking only a few seconds to be placed, the longer will remain the choice of the pattern. This principle, incidentally, is available in the form of gift to offer to your guests and witnesses as an alternative to wedding cake. Please do not hesitate to make a tote bag custom in which you will be able to add other small gifts. Another solution is to join the tattoos via the invitations so that everyone arrives decked out in her most beautiful tattoo on the day.


The bar of the tattoo, who is it for ?

The guests, big and small, witnesses, bridesmaids or just the bride and the groom… everyone can enjoy it. Even if the principle can sometimes be scary to some, don’t panic, tattoos ephemeral and last only a few days, or even 24 hours ! Each may, therefore, lend themselves to the game : the older will fall back into the childhood while the younger ones will be entertained for a few moments. Beyond the ages, this activity guarantees you to spend a moment nice that will appeal and that will ensure user-friendliness and laughter.


What hardware have to have to create the activity for the wine reception ?

There are several options for installing a Tattoo Bar. The first one, if you were a fan of diy and home made, is made for you. On the one hand inexpensive, it is also simple to perform and to measure. You just need to provide :

  • a table decoration item main, you can choose the wood and cover it with a pretty tablecloth in the colors of the wedding
  • a basin of water ;
  • scissors ;
  • a few sponges ;
  • and of course the famous tattoos

The second option will be perfect if you want to pass by means of professional. From various packages ranging from 50 to 300 euros, depending on the criteria, you can rent or buy your bar and tattoos of your choice, but also benefit from the installation by the vendor and thus have a perfect organisation for the big day.