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What elegant material as the marble ! Stone, ultra-trendy for the season 2018/2019 it will bring the elegant touch to your wedding reception. You have decided to make the star of your wedding decoration in organizing a wedding on the theme of the marble ? Excellent idea, Mariage.com gives you ways to put it to good use this sublime matter.


How to incorporate marble in my wedding decoration ?

Whether you want a 100% effect marble or marble in small keys, the important is to associate this stone, at first glance austere, more alive, such as plants, flowers, or just colorful decorations. This will create a nice contrast. Another way to incorporate marble in home decor : find candles like in our board of inspiration. You place these candles along the paths table. If it is important to understand the theme of marriage in the decoration, nothing prevents you from slipping off the keys mottled in the food, including the cake. See what it is possible to create with a cake designer for the dessert. To surround the wedding cake and create a beautiful sweet table of sugary sweets, the key marbled can also be found on the sweets offered as the macarons.

What colours associate with the marble for my wedding ?

For hues that will enhance your mise-en-scene, for example, you can attach the marble to a powdery pink to create a soft, romantic atmosphere. Large compositions with roses will be able to come then magnify your centerpieces. To play on a more contemporary ambience one can marry the marble with a universe more vegetal notes and gold. The doré is then just touches on the edges of the plates, the cutlery, candle holders. The spirit plant is to be found about him on the paths of table skirting to the tables arranged for the occasion. In these table runners are mix of foliage and lush green of the season. These will be placed on long tablecloths printed marble that will accompany the foliage along the road on the tables. Nothing prevents you however to trade gold for copper if you want a receipt very contemporary and slightly industrial.


How to dress a bride if she chooses a receipt based on the marble ?

The idea and play with your color code. The thread of marriage is shifting around the colors grey/white/vegetable ? So play around with these colours. The dress will be white and light, spirit vestal roman. In your bridal bouquet, we can find the colors set out, and for that he will have to work the floral arrangements with your florist. For jewelry not too much should. To the ears one opts for a small chips shiny with diamonds, and to the neck, a very thin collar that recalls the brilliance of stud earrings. For the wedding hairstyle, it continues to adhere to the side vestal roman with a chignon blur and wavy.