A wedding theme grey and silver that shines with a thousand lights, it makes you what ?14.11.201714.11.2017admin

Your heart is torn rather to a cold color, but you want to enhance with a note of bright, vivid and festive ? What would you say about a marriage placed under the sign of the grey, a mysterious side, and with a touch of silver to bring a touch of madness ? Mariage.com you has put together a selection of ideas for decorations just for you!

A marriage of grey and silver for invitations to the announcement of D-day in softness and elegance

The sending part of the wedding announces the top starting of your big day for your guests. You, of course, you are right in the preparations for a little while, and do you not perceive yet the light at the end of the tunnel. On the other hand, this is where it all begins for your guests. The attention to invitation card is therefore very important for them as it is from this that they will understand the theme of your wedding and that it will be able to put in the search for the perfect outfit to be at the top on the day J. With a chromatic theme like this one, you can play with the swatches of gray and silver to infinity. The very light gray or even white, until the charcoal gray close to black. Thus, it is possible to choose a total look, or on the contrary to play with little touches of color as a reminder of your theme. For a slim and elegant you can use lace or a design with a lace-effect. To finish, a beautiful calligraphy with why not a note of color such as golden, and your invitations will dazzle your guests.





Sprinkled the grey powder, and silver in the outfit of the bride and groom

Of the newlyweds with sparkling

Although the white wedding dress remains the favorite of brides, the dress colour, or simply some colourful details enter more and more in the realm of morals. We fell for this couple so cute and for the beauty of this dress. A lovely pearl grey, the association of the materials, satin, organza and lace, the transparency and the detail of the waistband are elements that make this wedding dress not only beautiful, but extremely feminine.



A suit light gray for a married of the most elegant

It is not always obvious to respect the theme of marriage in all aspects that it includes and, in particular, hand held. But you, with a chromatic theme, no worries on that side. Let’s focus on the men, and especially to your dear and tender, that putting on a costume can be not usual, or even a first, and we don’t even speak about finding the good, which can meet the mission. Fortunately, the gray suit is not a piece on the verge of extinction, so rest assured your sweetie, he will. Small detail and not least, a nice buttonhole in connection with your bouquet and your husband will be chewable !



A wedding that sparkles in the smallest details

The bride can also take advantage of this theme to have fun with her dress and its accessories. The grey is a soft color and cold so enjoy the silver-to add this warm touch. Everything is a reason to remember your theme. Embroidery, beads, feathers, hair accessories, jewelry, shoes, princess, makeup, bouquet of flowers… If there’s a moment where you need to take pleasure in your preparations it is one of the girls.







A wedding decoration, grey and silver for a bright-finish

Side decoration have a blast ! This is a style that is chic and sober around the grey by small notes of color, candles, linens, dishes, centerpieces…or, on the contrary, a style that slams with a maximum of madness where the sequins are waiting for you, you must take the pleasure and you let go. Let your inner artist express itself. For those who are not very manual, no problem take a small glance down. The drafting of Mariage.com you have found ideas for decoration all more beautiful the ones than the others.






A wedding cake color frost

You have chosen the entire meal, do not rest more than the wedding cake. You want to put your loved ones who await with impatience the flagship piece of the wedding and the ideal would be to play again the card of the theme ? Well I don’t know about you but to us, it was cracked for wedding cakes color frost. In agreement to a marriage and in winter, at the same time perfect for refreshing the taste buds in the middle of summer. As it is very demanding to the editor, we offer you a small idea sweet in addition to cupcakes. A good compromise for those who are very hungry.







Small gifts to thank your guests for coming to your wedding

There is nothing better than a small gift to thank each and every one of your loved ones. It is true that this is not always easy to find the right idea, but don’t worry it is the gesture that counts. A little gluttony is always a pleasure. Customize the packaging with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. A small detail that makes the difference and immerse himself again your guests in the mood for this wonderful day spent at your side during the tasting of their gift.