A young bride, surprises her grandmother by wearing the dress that she had for her wedding in 1962 !29.09.201729.09.2017admin

The vintage or art to deliver the taste of the day, an object, an accessory, a garment…fashion decades ago. A real trend so much love and, in particular, Jordyn Cleverly. This young woman has not chosen any room for her wedding, since she has decided to wear the wedding dress of her great-grandmother dating back to 1962. A proof of love, rich in emotion as seen in these few shots.

When a grandmother discovers his little daughter in the dress that she wore at her wedding…

Jordyn Cleverly, a young American, is entrusted to the web site Babble about his research two years ago of this when she is a party in search of the vintage wedding dress of her dreams. No model of him was to say that it was the right. For her, the more the objects which it inherits are old and the more it will value. A mirror created by his grand-father and smudged, or a choker necklace and turquoise earrings from her great-aunt, are part of these pieces that are more than simple objects. They embody a part of the past and help us to stay close to his family and to keep in memory all those who have disappeared. During his interview with Babble, Jordyn explained that one day, as a glimmer of spirit, she realized that the wedding dress she was looking for was actually in the dressing room of her childhood home : the wedding dress of her great-grandmother dating back to 1962. Jordyn says that her grandmother did not know what to do with it, and that his son, the father of the young woman, had insisted to keep it, and that according to him ” the dress could at least serve as a pillow “. After a few changes to the dress at waist level, Jordyn has appealed to Kortney J Photography to capture the moment where his grand-mother discovers in her dress. The photos are amazing so much emotion between these two women is palpable and the dress is stunning. A moment of even more intense as the marriage of his grandparents has always been a role model within the family. The surprise has been at the rendezvous since the grand-mother has first been speechless and then continued by a magnificent ” wow “. As a continuity of the history, Jordyn, just like her grandmother, she also met her husband at school.