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You dreamed of this great day has arrived ? Your love has finally made his proposal of marriage and you said yes ! Now came the time for preparations and sending out invitations. The first question to ask, then, is the date of your big day ! But it seems there are dates accursed to unite… Some couples prefer to completely ban them. Researchers from the University of Melbourne, Jan Kabátek & David Ribar, have also revealed that couples who choose certain dates symbolic to their marriage ceremony were more likely to end in divorce compared with couples who did not choose dates, ” symbolically known “. But what are these dates completely zapper ? Is this true ? Are they really evil ?


Friday the 13th : the luck will be on your side or not ?

For some it is a guarantee of unhappiness. For others, it is a token of chance, including gambling. Make a tower on the side of the Story. For Christians, Friday is a day of penance. It is a day in memory of Christ’s death, which occurred (according to the Bible) on a Friday, after the last supper between Jesus and his twelve apostles. Judas being the thirteenth seen as one too many. We find the same sinister omen, in norse mythology, the dinner between the gods during which a thirteenth guest, Höder with the god of evil, kills the son of the god of warriors, Odin. For Muslims the Friday is also a special day as it is dedicated to the collective prayer. Same for Jews, Friday is the day dedicated to the preparation of the Shabbat. So we can say that in the popular imagination the Friday is a special day. Moreover, the association between the Friday and the 13th is historically disastrous, since on Friday, 13 October 1307, the king of France, Philippe le Bel, did stop the knights Templar, whose Grand Master, and all the dignitaries of the order who had been wrongly accused, who have succumbed under the torture and ended up on the stake. So in this respect nothing is very pleasing to celebrate love… But don’t panic, be aware that the side of our friends the Romans, the Friday was considered the day of Venus, the goddess of love, and was totally devoted to love. So you see there a pledge of happiness or unhappiness, please do not hesitate to take a step back on this superstition, and above all make you happy.

February 14 : A Valentine’s day behind which hides a dark history

In Great Britain, in the Fourteenth century, the Catholics were celebrating Valentine’s day on 14 February, because they thought it was the day that chose birds to court and mate. However, other origins are given to this feast. For some St. Valentine was a martyred catholic who was beheaded on February 14, 268 because it has triggered a momentum of conversion to christianity following the healing of a blind girl. According to another legend, the Patron Saint of lovers would have inherited this reputation because he celebrated the marriages forbidden in secret. Unfortunately it would also be the worst day to say yes according to Health+ , which relays a u.s. study on the topic. According to the study conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne, the date would be at the highest risk of divorce, 11% after 5 years of marriage, and that can go up to 21% after 9 years.

The month of may

In the South-East of France, the me may is a month of cursed to do her wedding. The month of may is also considered as the one of the Virgin Mary, is in fact ideologically not the best month to consume your love freshly celebrated. Within of these popular beliefs, the month of may represents a real amount of ill-omens such as : the sterility of the bride in connection with the virginity of the Virgin, the risk of rupture in the months following the wedding. To the Romans marry in the month of may was to take a terrible risk to see the evil spirits down on the ceremony.

November 2 : the celebration of the dead

For Christians, the 2nd of November is the day dedicated to the dead following all saints ‘ day (1 November). This day is totally dedicated to the celebration of our loved ones, one goes to the cemetery and collects it in the family. This tradition has fallen in many popular beliefs. This is, therefore, ideologically may not be the best time to exchange her vows.

On the 1st of April : a small doubt on the April fools

So let’s be clear nothing should prevent you from marrying a 1st April. Only for some fairly obvious reasons to marry a 1st April can be a little confusing for your loved ones which will can not be your ceremony seriously. So to avoid receiving some of the messages a little heavy on the part of your loved ones, rather choose the 2 !

A few dates to be verified to not to be bother…

For obvious reasons, we do not recommend that you get married during a time change that it is summer, or winter. In fact, you may find yourself faced with delays in service or even lengthy delays on the part of your guests, which would be the wrong time. It can happen. For your big day, this could be inconvenient to wait for your witness to marriage, for example, because they thought that the ceremony would take place an hour later. This may seem unimportant, but you will save yourself a few creping bun by paying attention to these periods. As for the time changes, the days of the week are obviously not the most practical to celebrate your big day. At the organization level, you’ll have a hard time to gather all your guests around you. Between work, the days you will ask the availability of your loved ones will not be easy to have.