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Your love has made you his proposal of marriage, Congratulations ! Now you’re ready together now you begin in the organisation of this wonderful event : your wedding. You don’t know where to start regarding the preparations for the civil ceremony ? What papers group ? Who to ask ? What is the file complete ? Here is essential tips on how to arrange your civil wedding in peace.


We fixed the date of marriage with the town hall

First of all, set the date and time that you have chosen to celebrate your civil marriage at the city hall, in the common where you wish to seal your union. You can choose to join in the commune where you reside with your spouse. To do this, you will need to provide evidence of at least one month residential at the date of the publication of the banns of marriage. The ceremony can also be carried out in the municipality of the domicile of one of the parents of the future spouses. It may consist in this case of the main or secondary residence of one of your parents. A civil marriage must be celebrated in a town hall but, unless opposed by the attorney of the Republic, the mayor can celebrate the marriage within any building located in the municipality (a ballroom for example).

What is the record of marriage ?

A few weeks (not more than three months) before the D-day, you will have to submit your marriage file at the officer of civil status who will celebrate your wedding, having taken care to provide all of the following parts :

  • original and photocopy of identity documents,
  • proof of domicile or of residence of each of the future spouses,
  • information (names, first names, date and place of birth, occupation and place of residence) relating to the witnesses (not more than four),
  • a full copy of the birth certificates of each (less than three months, or six months for persons born abroad)
  • and a certificate from the notary in the case of a marriage contract.
  • If you have children you must present at the town hall birth certificates (less than 3 months old) and the family book.

The publication of the benches of the marriage, how is it going ?

When your case of marriage is accepted, for the official announcement of your union is made by posting at the town hall where you are going to unite you, as well as in that in which the one or the other of the spouses has his domicile. The marriage can be celebrated from the eleventh day following the publication of the benches and in the limit the following year.


After the wedding ceremony, what is going on ?

That’s it, you’re officially married ! At the end of the ceremony, the mayor gives you the famous livret de famille. In the days that follow, you will be able to obtain an excerpt or a complete copy of your marriage certificate.



Visit the website of the French administration to record all necessary pieces to your wedding.