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The wedding preparations are coming to an end. Your two outfits are ready. Your wedding dress and your bouquet are finally ready, perfectly in agreement. More than a detail to fix this to complete the outfit of your lover : the buttonhole in accordance with the flowers of your bridal bouquet. And why not do it yourself this famous buttonhole ? you have prepared a little Do-It-Yourself to make yourself this attractive accessory that you will be offering honey, which will, for sure, very touched by your gesture !


The final touch for the groom : boutonniere

In the 1960s and 1970s, the English king Edward VIII has made the buttonhole a real accessory and a jewel male. It is once again the beacon that is always on the side of the pocket of the suit. The buttonhole it is indeed a beautiful accessory that can give a note more s in the costume of mr. and which often is in agreement with the bouquet of the bride. Small precision so as not to make faux pas when you choose the flowers for your bouquet and, therefore, of the buttonhole : please note that the cornflower and the poppy are usually reserved, respectively, in France and Great Britain for the commemoration of the Armistice, November 11.

How to do the buttonhole of my spouse ?

The boutonniere is an accessory which is easy to do, in addition to being bit expensive. It describes you the steps and tools to make your superb accessory.


The necessary equipment :

  • Flowers (fresh preferably)
  • Scotch green flower tape
  • Pruning shears
  • Support the lapel with a pin
  • Twine or ribbon

The steps of the making :

  1. Select flowers in accordance with your bridal bouquet.
  2. Assemble the flowers chosen.
  3. Cut the stems to adjust the size of the voting buttonhole to the morphology of your future husband, and to the depth of the pocket of the suit.
  4. Fix the bracket to a buttonhole of flowers with the flower tape.
  5. Take your twine or ribbon to wrap around your stem in order to hide the defects and make it more pretty, a bit like a mini bouquet. The string will remind a nice theme, rustic/bohemian while the ribbon will be rather in a chic and uncluttered.
  6. Cut off the excess string or finish with a pretty little knot.
  7. Last step : the offer to the elected of your heart !


Keep you have even booked a little video of the special buttonhole !




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