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And if we created a lovely chandelier filled with flowers to complete your wedding decoration ? Here’s an idea original and creative ! The first mission will be to choose the most beautiful flowers, to carry a candle to the spectacular and large. So I’m going to explain to you the different steps to be successful and put on view to your guests. Attention it is gone !


The equipment necessary to create a candlestick of flowers for her wedding

  • A circular structure of wood
  • The flowers of your choice
  • White ribbon
  • Wire lace
  • A pair of scissors
  • Grommets/Washers



How does one to create a chandelier of flowers for her wedding ?

The first step will be to choose your flowers (roses, tulips, lilac, peonies…). Before using for the DIY, I advise you to cut the stems, and put them in clean water for a whole night. This will allow the flowers to open, they will be more attractive.



Then, cut 180 cm of white ribbon and fold it by inserting it into the eyelet, just tie a knot as in the example below. You will then have 4 strips of ribbons.



Once you have the 4 strips of white ribbons, measure from the base to the tip, 45cm. With the help of a marker.



Then take the wooden structure and divide it into 4 equal parts.



In order to create the chandelier, it is necessary to now move to the assembly step. Let me explain : your wood structure is therefore divided by 4, just make a knot in force from V to each of these 4 places and don’t forget to apply a bit of glue glue to secure everything, as in the example above. Repeat the operation on the other parts of the wooden circle.



Now that your base is complete, you can now hang the flowers on the 4 ” strips of ribbon which you remain and who go above and beyond. Given that you have only used that 45cm of ribbon, and at the base it measures 180cm, you’ve got something to work with.



Have fun, and hang your flowers where you want them.


Be careful, there is a little trap. Make sure your chandelier as you add flowers, because maybe you’re going to be forced to add more flowers to a place more than to another. Your candlestick may be wobbly if the weight is not well distributed.



For the result to be even more pretty, adding lace all around the wooden structure. And voila, you’re finished ! Then you like the result ? Personally I find this beautiful, ultra chic, very neat. You just create a pretty chandelier and flowers.