Do you know the 8 reasons to marry in the fall ?04.10.201704.10.2017admin

If the marriages are conducted for the most part in summer or spring, it is not all the even more rare these days, to see some of the bride and groom choose the fall to arrange their lovely date. Emilie Pernette, wedding planner, and officiating of ceremonial and secular, reveals to us what attracts these couples to say ” yes ” to the fall…


The photos of the wedding in the autumn

In the fall, the colors of the leaves change, and which offer a gradient of green, yellow, orange, red, brown, are simply stunning. It is safe, this will give your photos that little something extra that you will not be able to have in other seasons. In addition, the light is less powerful and blinding as in summer and that, your photographer will appreciate it greatly, not to mention the fact that you keep the eyes more easily opened. The rendering is often more beautiful.


The fall weather

It is less likely to be exhausted by the heat. The time in autumn, especially at the beginning, is often still pleasant enough. As to your flowers, they will be better, not to mention the drinks and the meals, which are less likely to take the hot. Less stress so, and that, on the day of his marriage this is not negligible.


The availability of providers for your wedding

The season for the providers of the wedding is a bit more quiet. Even if they don’t work less, but differently at this time of the year, they will have less couples to be pampered at the same time as you and they will then be more available for all your every requests.


It allows more easily a wine of honour in the interior

In the summer, there is a tendency to require to be outside : the weather is fine then you should take advantage of. But some reception venues offer rooms atypical and original cocktails where you dreaming of drinking a small glass in the company of his loved ones. Under a canopy surrounded by trees or overlooking a breathtaking view, in a cottage in order to admire the mountains, in a vault… For a wedding in the fall, we allow ourselves to look for a place other than the “banal” park to the reception venue, even though it is very beautiful, I have no doubt.

The presence of your guests

There is less risk that some of your guests are absent. You should know that on about 8 weddings in 10 in the summer, there is at least one guest who is absent because he is invited to another wedding on the same day, or even because he is on vacation. In the fall, you limit this risk.


The prices of the services for a wedding in the fall

This is notably the case of places of reception, which is used less in the fall or in the winter, prefer to offer preferential rates rather than having no contracts at this time. Then you could do a hell of a cost savings than anything on this post (between 10% and 20% on average). Attention all the same, this advantage is not necessarily verifiable on other services such as the caterer, the photographer or the florist, who very often, outside of marriage, also have significant activity and which do not, therefore, a decrease in activity.


You give happiness to your loved ones !

Regardless of when you decide to marry you, you offer necessarily have the happiness to your loved ones, but most especially in autumn. The return to school, the days are getting shorter, the arrival of autumn, which also announces the winter… all of these factors are often the cause of a little bit of slack at this time of the year. And well, thanks to your wedding, everyone will find the fishing.


It was the time to put ideas aside to organize her wedding

In marrying into ” end of season “, it has more of a chance to have attended at least one other marriage that same year. And if this is not you, this may be friends to you who can give you information on the current trends… This then allows you to “stitch” ideas and views enjoyed at other weddings, or on the contrary change your mind on certain things that may not necessarily have had the expected success.