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You are at the stage of the choice of ? Then it is time to take the advice of Blandine, wedding planner for the agency, Wings&Zen Events. Our expert stationery explains everything you need to know about choosing these invitations, but also thank you cards, and most importantly what would the cost of the stationery causes it in the budget ?


Good questions to ask before choosing the stationery for her wedding

If each category of stationery of wedding has its own specificities, many of the questions may relate to any the whole. So here are some helpful answers to remember… without moderation !


What is it that makes the stationery of their marriage will be more or less expensive ?

In the stationery of marriage, two criteria tilts the balance of the budget : the volume and the cut-outs. In fact, the programming time of machines to achieve a cardmaking wedding take time. Thus, it is more expensive to make 50 do-that 100. Similarly, the cutouts custom will always be more expensive than the die-cuts basic cuts straight. Your wedding cards are made board-by-board, or they are made in molds of cut-outs, which may be unique depending on the degree of customization.


When take advantage of discounts for buying its stationery from wedding ?

When you order your stationery sites on the Internet, you can get dates of promotion. Typically, this happens at the beginning of the year, before the end of the month of march. Among professionals you are able, there are no discounts. Otherwise, from 100 pieces of stationery, you are usually entitled to a reduction, since most of the quantities are large, the prices can be small.


How to negotiate the price ?

On the Internet, it is not possible to negotiate the rates. With the craftsmen/traders, it is possible : they will tell you what can be done or not with your budget.


The different types of stationery wedding

Save the date of your wedding


That is what it is ?

The Save the date is a trend coming to the United States. It allows to prevent her relatives to book their date for your wedding, and to inject the mystery around the topic. In France, it is still very little.


How is this a Save the date ?

Several possibilities exist. The easiest way is to send an e-mail or an e-card telling his guests to reserve the date. For this you can use a nice picture of your couple, something funny, very romantic, to accompany the announcement. But the most classic way to do a Save the date is still to prepare a coupon, style of invitation, sent by postal mail. A lot of couples of grooms also create their small video clip or slide show to advertise it way more fun to their wedding date.



What is the price of a Save the date ?

The least expensive is, of course, do it by mail, because it is free. For the rest, as soon as it is necessary to take into account the postage, it takes about 0.70 euros for the stamp and envelope, so a Save the date complete cost approximately between 2 to 3 euros per person.


When the do ?

As soon as you know the date of your wedding. In general, sending a Save the date that is 1 year to 6 months before her wedding. This can serve as a reminder to your friends or to your families who live abroad or have a job very binding.

The marriage


That is what it is ?

The invitations are sent to guests to inform them of the date, place, and what parts of the wedding they are invited. If you want to implement a wedding theme, you can match your invitations to your theme to give you a clue to your guests.


How is this a wedding ?

Once again, there are several ways to perform a do-part. The more modern is to send an e-mail. This is done a lot for weddings less traditional. As always thanks to the Internet, it is possible to order standard models to share. This is quite handy when you don’t have the inspiration, but be aware that the receipt of the parcel, it will be necessary to mount them.


If you are of a creative nature, you can always do your do-you-even scrapbooking. This is quite long to do, but you’ll have to share these unique and completely custom.


Finally, you can make an appeal to agencies of professional wedding planners. Your wedding will have a professional quality and will also be personalized.


What is the price of the wedding ?

By ordering a part on the Internet, you can benefit from lower costs. However, your hand will take time to be shipped, and will be less personalized. Do it yourself or by a professional typically results in higher costs, but your share will be unique and of a higher quality.


When the do ?

It is necessary to reflect on the model of its share with at least 6 months before the wedding. Once you have a theme, then you have to gather the addresses of your guests, and send them 4 months before your wedding. Generally, for a wedding in summer, it sends its share between January and march.


The booklet of the mass for the religious ceremony of marriage


That is what it is ?

It is the small book that contains all the readings and prayers of your church wedding. Without it, your guests could follow the ceremony.


How is this a booklet of mass for the ceremony of a religious marriage ?

Generally, it takes the form of a small book, but you can decline as you wish. You can even do the most basic which is, by printing out several sheets of A4 paper that you fold in two. Alternatively, you can also do it in a more creative way through scrapbooking, or more professionally by way of a decorator.


What is its price ?

By simply printing your A4-size sheets, the booklet of the mass, you will return to 1 euro coin. Otherwise, with to scrapbooking or by way of a professional, this can go up to 3 euro per book.


When the do ?

As soon as the texts of your religious ceremony are gathered, usually 2 months before the wedding.


The stationery table : menus, brands, places and table plan for your wedding

That is what it is ?

The cardmaking present on the tables of your reception will be there to show your guests the dishes that await, and where they should stand during dinner. It takes the form of menus, seating plans, and brand-spaces.


How is the stationery for the tables of the wedding ?

As for the invitations, you can do it yourself or have a match when you order stationery to your invitations, on the Internet or after a professional. This can take the form of classic cards, such as pop-e and the marks-spaces can be presented in the form of an object. For the table plan, for example, you can make a drawing in chalk on a blackboard if your wedding theme is vintage and bohemian. The menu, itself, may be declined in the food, since it is possible to make delicious menus made of chocolate. Finally, for the marks-spaces, the possibilities are endless : clothespins with the name of the guest, napkin rings, personalized small paper in a jewelry box…


What is its price ?

The price of the mill table varies in function of who carries out the works, and its shape (stationery classic or object).


When the do ?

1 to 2 months before your wedding.


Exception : the labels of bottles

Even if they are part of the stationery on the tables, the labels of the bottle are a special category, since you can do it directly from the wine merchant or vintner, who provides you wine. Of course, the options for DIY and professional wedding planners are also valid.


The thank-you card after the wedding, that you need to know ?


That is what it is ?

As its name indicates, the thank you card is sent to the guests to thank them for their presence at your wedding, and of their participation in your wedding gift.


How is this a thank you card ?

The thank-you card differs from a share because it is there to provide a souvenir of the wedding. It has usually one or more photos of the event. You can choose a photo that represents a key moment of your wedding, or a souvenir photo with the person to whom you send it. Generally, the photographer of your reception you will propose in its global price the printing of your photos of thanks that you can customize with a few words. Otherwise, you can always order them online or get them individually DIY.


What is its price ?

As the thank you cards are generally sent by mail, it is necessary to take into account the impact of the stamp and the envelope (1 euro 30). Counting the price of the photo, and stationery, you arrive at a budget of 2 to € 2.50 per card.


When do the thank you cards after the wedding ?

As soon as the photos are available in the month or 2 months after your wedding.