How to involve her parents in the wedding without it being too present ?14.11.201714.11.2017admin

You just announce your marriage to your parents and mom ignites in every sense to the idea to help you ? They count a lot in your life, and it is important for you to participate in the organization of your wedding. However, even if you want to involve them in the preparation of your day, you are afraid that they do not become too intrusive and controllers… So in order to avoid that your parents do not become a “parentzilla” and do not intermingle a little too much of everything, here are the tips to keep them involved without them becoming too intrusive.


Accept financial help from your parents in setting limits

Parents can offer their children financial help to assist in the completion of the marriage. So, if you agree, it is possible that they have their word to say about the organization of your wedding, your guests, or the decorations… If you choose to let them take some decisions, do you let all of not even stepping on the feet. It is your wedding, not theirs. By paying a part of your reception, it is necessary that they also understand that they agree to perform the wedding of your dreams, and not that of which they dreamed.


Delegate well-defined missions to your parents to prepare for wedding

The best way to involve your parents in your wedding is to delegate tasks in the preparation thereof. Unfortunately, it is also often where it gets stuck : some of you may want to do this in their own way, without necessarily comply with your vision of things. So, give them a clear guide to their role and define what you expect of them by giving them a teaser detail of your wedding. Do not be school, but just say things with tact and smooth to avoid mom would be back with tons of ribbons neon pink to decorate the chairs, the color that you hate…


Emphasize to your parents on the outstanding

If it is important to involve your parents in the preparation of your wedding, it is also necessary that they can be surprised on the day. so, do not reveal everything, and calm down their curiosity. Tell them that it is normal that they are not aware of any. It would be a pity if they attend your wedding, knowing in advance every detail of your day. To keep the suspense on certain aspects of your reception will also allow you to keep them at a distance, and to keep control of your wedding.


Listen to their advice to organization your marriage

Even if you find that your parents make a little too much in the preparation of your wedding, and want to overly impose their tastes instead of yours, close the discussion with a ” it’s my wedding, I do what I want” , is not the solution. Whereas, if you take the time to listen to them, they will feel involved and valued. After that, you are not obliged to follow everything they told you, but at least you will have heard their opinions and advice.


Do your parents involved in the key moments of the wedding

Finally, the best way to involve your parents in your marriage, it is to make them participate in the key moments of your big day. The descent to the altar, the speech during the ceremony, the first dance… Involve your parents in these great moments of the wedding and prepare the upstream with them. Not only will this allow you to share privileged moments with them in all this whirlwind of preparations, but the day, you will have a moment of intense and magical to go exclusively to their sides.