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Soft, feminine and romantic, the pale pink color is perfect for a wedding chic and refined. To enhance the beauty of this lovely hue, associate at white, grey or navy blue, and your decoration will be simply breathtaking. As your wedding is held in winter or in summer, the pale pink as the dominant color will bring warmth and brightness. offers you a few ideas for a reception full of elegance, harmony.


A wedding invitation pale pink color very delicate

The creation of the do-part is a very important step and more difficult than it looks. It needs to combine aesthetics, in order to arouse the curiosity of the guests, and practicality, so that the opening and the discovery of the invitations to be simple and clear, while immersing guests in the universe of your wedding. It offers you to play with the associations of colours and materials, using beautiful handwriting as if you were writing in pen and add a pretty ribbon that your guests will have the pleasure of resolve for discover what your hand contains…




Looks wedding worthy of a fairy tale…

The pale pink is a color extremely soft, which we often recalled the childhood and his wonderful fairy tales. This color can be worn as a total look or touches through accessories. On the day of your wedding girls, what are you, your future spouse and yourself, who’ll be doing the two main roles.





Shades of pink for the bridal bouquet

With a wedding theme around the pale pink, you have the possibility to compose your bridal bouquet of different ways. Associate different types of flowers such as roses and peonies, and play on the contrasts of the colors for a very romantic.



A wedding decoration fresh, flowery and pink

A wedding ceremony worked in the smallest details

Because the town halls or places of worship can seem to be impersonal, it is often best to customize the colors of the wedding theme, in order to feel like home. Obviously you ask permission before decorating the premises. Thus, we propose to “dress” the chairs and the central walkway that will lead you in front of the Mayor, or up to the altar. The opportunity to play the bottom card of your theme.



A table plan is all in delicacy

The development of the table plan for the wedding is not the stage of preparations the most pleasant… Between your family and your spouse are their comments and the people that we must not mix in order to avoid a war, and a launch of petits fours, we can say, it is a real sport ! Of course, the day that we need to proceed as if nothing n’était… you has put together a small selection decoration for a table plan is also nice as flower that will soothe all the world. Wow factors guaranteed !




A wedding reception full of refinement

In order to dazzle your guests, choose a wedding decoration white or beige and make the pale pink in small touches. Elegance and refinement guaranteed ! You can play with the color of the towels, the decoration of the chairs and the centerpieces. We suggest you to bet on the floral decoration to one side, nature is extremely chic.







A wedding cake very delicious

A beautiful wedding cake or individual shares to offer to the guests ? It is a real question ! helps you to respond to this question by offering you simply a mixture of the two. We offer you a beautiful wedding cake in the colors of your theme and with small buttons on the top as topping. You say what ? We, just by looking at the picture is it in the saliva already !



Wedding gifts original and delicious for your guests

You might want to offer a wedding gift and thank-you to your guests ? You want to play the card of originality, but you have no idea yet ? We offer you to surprise them by offering them popcorn, colored pink, sweet or savoury, according to your needs.