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The weather I think it is the thing most difficult to manage when arranging a wedding, it is dependent, we can’t control and for brides who love to control everything, it is a puzzle. A big puzzle. Then how to try to control the natural elements for her wedding ? This is the big question that we ask our wedding planner Eglantine, the agency Cocottes Events.

The famous plan B to provide in the organization of the wedding

It must in fact always a plan B. A reception venue with beautiful outdoor OK, but if it rains it is necessary that the room folds for the cocktail and/or dinner in the wedding you like it also. And it must be large enough to accommodate everyone. Small example : the couple, who had booked a place with a beautiful park. They didn’t like at all the room for the cocktail inside and the caterer was found under a small umbrella, the guests were wet and were cold.

Opt for a parquet floor in the interior

It is necessary to provide a floor if we have dinner on a lawn, because even if it’s not raining on the day J, it can be very wet due to a thunderstorm the day before.

Umbrellas, accessories, is indispensable in case of rain

Remember to provide pretty umbrellas for you and your witnesses in case of exit of the Church/town Hall a little damp. The rain can be very, very invite out of the blue.

About photos of wedding

We play the game and you can predict pretty rubber boots for the photos of the couple.

It warms the guests in case of bad weather

You can provide blankets, mushroom heaters, etc… if the temperature gets a little low during your wedding weekend. This will surely be fun for the more cautious. AcknowledgementsThe Casserole – Wedding & Happy EventsWeb Site :