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Jade Leboeuf is on the angels since his civil marriage with Stephen. Together for 2016, the lovebirds have taken the plunge and said yes on the 12th of July last, in Luxembourg, in small committee at their civil marriage. For Mariage.com, the creator of the blog “pen, Jade” and the daughter of the footballer, Frank Leboeuf returns to this wonderful day and tells us more about the organization of the secular ceremony, which will take place next year in the on of France…


We want to know how you met your loved one Stephane ?

We had a lot of friends in common and we had crossed several times in Paris. But this is Los Angeles we had the lightning strike. He was visiting for 3 days and I lived there, he has contacted me to take a coffee together history to know. We immediately realized that we had many points in common, and that our understanding was perfect. When he returned to Paris it was as a friend, while casting a lot of feelings and questions. I went to Paris to celebrate the new year 2016 and after communicating daily for a month together, by message and by telephone, I found myself spending the evening at home with all of her closest friends. I immediately felt at home with people that I have instantly put at ease. I was in a hurry, it was that the 12 strokes of midnight ring out to be able to finally kiss her. This is what happened at 00: 01 on January 1, 2016.


And how the marriage proposal was made ?

The marriage proposal was made on the day of his birthday. As you say I wasn’t expecting this at all because on that day I had organized a whole day of surprises. We spent the night in a beautiful tent safari in the hills of Malibu and after a good dinner by the sea we decided to serve us a glass of wine and watch the stars while listening to a playlist of our favorite songs. It is at this moment that I felt a bit nervous when he began to speak to me of our move to Paris after a long trip in South-East Asia. He said to me, ” would you like to start a new chapter of our lives with a new name? “ and with these words he has marked my life and has made this moment just perfect and unforgettable.

That is what this represents for you the wedding ?

For some, marriage is a dream girl but for me it has never been the case. I’m never too queried about this except for when I met Steph’. It is my whole life and the main reason why we wanted to really get married was to start a family because we want to share the same name with our future children. From a legal point of view it was also very important for us in case of health concerns or other. Now that it’s part of our life, I fantasize more and more about the idea of a wedding straight out of a fairy tale. We want to fully celebrate our union and our love with our loved ones.



Your families should be so happy ? How have you announced the news ?

Everyone was thrilled and very little surprised because our love (all of them) is a no-brainer. We announced the news by phone because we were in Los Angeles and they were in


Has you the wedding dresses and the fittings of the coup : what did you want as a dress for the civil wedding ?

For a civil wedding, I chose a dress from the designer Alexandre Vautier in strapless, very straight, style tailoring with a slit in front and pockets, with shoes Francesco Russo. A simple and stylish look. I found my dress and my shoes in the boutique, Just One Eye in Los Angeles. I accessorized my hair with The Crowns of Victory that made a piece beautiful and of nice quality. My mother lent me her river of diamonds and I wore earrings Swarovski that Steph’ I had been offered. As for alliances, we have selected mine at Zeina Alliances, and Steph had already his own, a alliance in platinum that her grandfather had made for his own wedding in the 40s. For my bouquet I opted for simplicity here too, and it is Fleurebelle Modercange of Luxembourg who made me.


Perhaps you have advice to give readers when it launches in the fittings of dresses ?

I just want to say that it should not only try the styles of dresses that you have in your head because you can come across nice surprises. The dress for my civil wedding, I found it pretty quickly, but I am now looking for my dress for the ceremony and I confess to you that I decided to try dresses that were not at all what I had envisioned. I wanted a bare back and cup sleeve, but after a few try I realized that it is not at all what I was going to. I won’t tell you what style I am looking at this because I want Steph’ to be truly surprised on the day.


On July 12, so you have celebrated your civil union, what have been the preparations for this ceremony to be undertaken ?

The organization of our civil wedding was very simple because we have decided to make a small committee of 14 people. The only difficulty was to block the date at the town hall of Luxembourg as I am French. They require a lot of administrative steps he had to take 3 months in advance.


After the civil ceremony, have you suggested to your guests to all stay together ? You may be nice places to recommend us to the punch for a wedding intimate in Luxembourg ?

After the ceremony at the town hall we all made to the Chiggeri restaurant in Luxembourg city. Joao and Sandra, the owners of the restaurant (who are also our friends) were very caring, they made sure we wanted for nothing. The cocktail hour to the last coffee. An evening without false notes and love-filled.

The biggest part of the preparation it is now, you prepare your secular ceremony ?

Absolutely, we are in the thick of it ! We are planning a secular ceremony by the sea in a glorious place in Toulon. Our guest lists are not yet completed but we will remain on 100 guests maximum that will be only family and very close friends. As almost everyone is in couple you will arrive quickly to the limit I think.



How do you imagine that ceremony ?

We imagine this is simple, elegant, without complex, a little bit rock and roll, and not really traditional.

You organize this on your own with your spouse or with a wedding planner ?

We organise our ceremony, both of them with a wedding planner. As we are not on site it is essential to have a professional in the wedding to help us manage everything remotely. We do not have marriage so we need help for some details. To my eyes, the most important role of a wedding planner is the time management and organisation on the day.

Have you found a theme for this ceremony in particular, of color, a decoration, in particular ?

Not yet. We do every thing in his time without too much pressure. This is something that we will decide in a few months.

And the place, do you know already what you want or is this a secret for the time being ?

The place will be by the sea to Toulon in the beautiful gardens. I’d prefer to keep it secret for the moment !

It is a wedding you want on a single day or over a weekend with a brunch the next day to keep your dinner guests ?

We’re going to do it over two days with a brunch the next day which will be in committee reduced… I don’t know yet how we are going to reduce the list of guests for the brunch already than the marriage is short.

Before we leave Jade, can you give any advice to our female readers that they also are preparing for their big day ?

First of all, I advise you to do every thing in his time and not rushing. Despite the simplicity of my civil marriage, I found myself invaded not the emotions and the fatigue of the
next day and as a result, I spent my day with flower of skin and constantly on the verge of tears. I hadn’t realized the stress and the emotional impact of this day. For the ceremony of next summer, I will arrive a week before and I obligerai to take a few hours for me each day before the big day, history of me relax and be fresh and rested in the day J. But above all, enjoy this precious moment because it goes by so fast ! I know that it is necessary to spend a moment with each guest, but it’s important not to forget that this is your moment and your husband or wife and that he should try to spend a maximum amount of time together that day. It seems obvious, but believe me and my friends who were married before me, it is not so easy !




Jade Leboeuf is also a nice pen and a nice blog that we’ll let you discover right here : The feather of the Jade.