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We all know : love knows no borders ! You may have met the love elsewhere than in your country. Today, you and your other half who is of a different nationality want you to join. But what are the steps to follow to get married in France ? What are the procedures to follow and complete ? explains the steps to take for you to say yes with your loved one.



The conditions of marriage, bi-national, what are they ?

As in the context of a marriage between two people of French nationality, the spouses must be unmarried. In the case of divorce or widowhood, or the future-e married must provide proof of his new celibacy.


Marriage is first of all from a mutual desire of the future spouses. It should not be a marriage under duress, legal or natural, and should be free. In order to avoid any doubt about the possibility of a white wedding, a civil officer in charge of the validation of the marriage file will be able to hear the couple, together or separately, if he has any doubt about that.


In contrast, no evidence will be requested as to the regularity of the situation of a foreign national in France at the time of marriage. If the foreign spouse is in an irregular situation in France, marriage doesn’t protect, however, not of a decree of expulsion or a deportation order.


The administrative documents to provide before the wedding

We had given in a previous article the various documents required for your wedding file. Beyond the parts required, your future-e-joint-e must bring his / her birth certificate (original and translation with an approved body) dated less than six months. Similarly you will need to provide proof that he or she is major-e, single (certificate of celibacy), and capable, and, therefore, under no guardianship. The certificate of custom or matrimonial property, which includes all these qualities is provided by the country of origin.


Be aware that to marry a person of foreign nationality must apply to the town hall scheduled for the civil wedding at least 2 months before D-day, and the completed application at least 30 days before the date of the marriage.



For the bride and groom in the need to obtain a visa to come marry in France

As for the two spouses is of French nationality, the publication of banns (solemn Proclamation of a future marriage to the church or the town hall) is mandatory for the bride and groom. If the or of the future-e married does not reside in France, the city chosen for the ceremony should send the record of marriage at the consulate, which will shuttle to the town hall where lies your future-e. From here the town hall can issue him with the certificate of publication of banns, to enable him to obtain his visa to marry in France.


The effects of marriage with a foreign national or a foreign


In the case of a regular situation,

  • Your future-will be able to benefit as of right, directly after the wedding, of a residence card “family life/private” 1 year. With this residence title, or the married will be able to exercise a professional career in France.
  • After 3 years of marriage, your spouse-will be able to get a as a resident of 10 years.
  • After 4 years of marriage your future-e may also request French nationality at the prefecture of his place of residence.


In the case of an irregular situation,

  • Your future-e may need to face a deportation order or deportation order for irregularity. It is not protected by the bond contracted by marriage with a frenchman.
  • After 3 years of marriage with you, your future-e may be protected-e against expulsion and deportation.