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You are romantic and a dreamer(e)s, do you like long walks with your soul mate ? So what could be more romantic than a wedding ” by bike “. This theme will make you travel in time and space. In this article you will discover thanks to the precious advice of Virginia Mention, wedding planner and creator of the agency Ceremonize, all the tricks for staging a receipt on an original theme, and in the air of the time then bon voyage !


Which reception venue to choose for a wedding on a bicycle ?

For a theme like this several options are possible to organise its reception :

  • A nice little farm in the middle of the nature that will be with trees, flowers and trees.
  • A park that will disorient the town thanks to its vegetation and its small paths to ride a bicycle.
  • A beautiful villa with the charm of yesteryear. You will have a great space and a beautiful garden to dispose of the bicycle and if the heart you in said, making a small tower.




What colors to choose to decorate my wedding theme ?

With the theme of bike, the colors that emerge are those of the sunny days, the heat, the purity and lightness. Here’s what we offer you :


  • The white for the purity and lightness.
  • The green for the sunny days and the nature that surrounds your reception venue.
  • Yellow for the warmth and joy that will bring this wedding.


This theme is in relation with light colors and happy.




What season to choose to organise my wedding reception on a bicycle ?

It is advisable to plan your wedding well in advance if you choose the spring season or the sunny days of summer (ideally between June and mid-September), in order to best ensure a day full of heat.


Decoration romantic wedding for my wedding ceremony

To the Church, decorate the aisle with beautiful baskets full of flowers. Put two beautiful bicycles of the 1800s, for example, to the outside with a basket full of petals of roses, either side of the door. Thus, in the outgoing of your guests will use to throw petals of roses on the bride and groom.


If you want to do a secular ceremony in a room, make out the colours of your theme (white, yellow, green). Put a large bike at the entrance of the room with a wood basket full of flowers. Install a bicycle at the ceremony, decorate the bouquets of flowers and beautiful photos.


Outdoors, put bicycles from all eras in strategic locations (on the sides of a path, before the central aisle or even at the level of the ceremony). Do not forget that a beautiful wedding is a wedding floral then install large vases all along the aisle and put beautiful flowers in the colors of your theme. Made bloom a small bike that you will install the bottom guide of the ark.



Given the reception room in the colors of her wedding theme

To continue to play on your theme at the entrance of your room, install two bicycles decorated with flowers and ribbons. For the tables, put the tablecloths in solid colors and match your chairs with nodes of the same color.


To give more volume to the room, drag ribbons in the colors of your theme on the ceiling of the room. And at the centre of the tables, have figurines of bicycles surrounded by petals of flowers and candles. Then place large vases of different sizes.



The table Plan, gifts, it amazes its guests at the wedding

As in all marriages it is preferable to place the guests accomplices together. To have conversations with varied and different points of view on bicycles, a mix of generations.


To thank your guests, give them a gift. For example, a door-photo in the shape of a bicycle, a mini bike from different years, or even a photo of them next to a bicycle wedding.


And for brands-seater ? On a miniature bicycle, note the name of your guests, or install a larger bike (different years following the tables), and note the plane table directly over it.



Long live the photobooth to liven up the wedding reception

The photobooth has become a must-so prepare your photo corner with a bicycle on which to sit your guests, as well as straw hats, and other accessories to disguise itself.


Side animation, you can also organize a bike race with your guests. And invite your guests to a animation creative : create a bicycle from flowers, scraps of wood and ribbons.



The wedding cake plays the game the wedding theme bicycle

To play the game of your theme at the bottom, make your wedding cake a bicycle. You can also make a room mounted with each floor a photo of you on a bicycle. Or you can decorate your wedding cake with figurines of bicycles (edible or not). They are called cake toppers and it is very fashionable.



A sweet wedding table on the theme of the bicycle, it gives what ?

We want to make pleasure to its guests and offer them many sweets during the wine reception or during the evening. So, creating a sweet table that applies to you. For this, make it stand out on the table the wild side (tablecloth pale green, small, petals white or yellow). Put small cakes of all shapes with bicycles on it.


There are also several photos of the evolution of bicycles or still pictures “humor” of you and your loved one on bicycles. Then, in small baskets to the bike, put candy decorated with flowers and other sugary sweets. Or even mini bottles of soft drinks of all colors.



A wedding decoration that can be hand made

To create your own wedding decoration, start by making your invitations yourself. Cut a piece in the shape of a bicycle, write on it, add colors, pearls and / or ribbons and petals then put the invitation in an envelope of the colour theme (light green for example).


Make you the same banners of bicycles. You simply cut the size you want in the banner and then unfold the latter and the turn is played.


Another suggestion : mix a small box of memories for your guests. Fold a cardboard in order to get a box, put some dragees, figurines, bicycles, and a picture of them that you have taken care to find and close the box with a satin ribbon.



You are now ready to organize a wedding on the theme of bicycles ! En-route !