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You may have african origins, or that you are simply passionate about the beauty of this continent, your wedding colors of Africa promises to be explosive. Why ? Just by the color, decoration, material, food, atmosphere… Your destination wedding on the african continent, the cradle of Humanity, promises to be exotic, festive and unforgettable.


A wedding worthy of the greatest adventurers

The wedding invitation is the centerpiece indispensable to each of your guests for boarding your marriage, like a real passport of globe-trotter. It is through this invitation that your guests will prepare to go on an adventure and the discovery of this magnificent continent that is Africa. Instead, opt for colours and natural materials for a very authentic. The safaris, the savanna and its animals are sources of inspiration which can give you lots of ideas… Make travel and dream of your loved ones.






Married stylish and sophisticated in perfect agreement with the theme

And if we drew on the robe for her outfit ? This traditional dress is just gorgeous with colors and patterns shining. We are completely cracked to a mixture between the white wedding dress and the african fabrics and very colorful. The advantage of this mixture allows your sweetheart to match your outfit using the same fabric as you for a few details of his costume, such as the boutonniere, and bow tie. Don’t forget your accessories, girls. We have found you shoes gorgeous ! Look at lowest…






A decoration wedding flowers and exotic

With a wedding theme such as this one next to floral arrangements, we have the urge for the exotic. Think of this vast vegetation that is offered to you to sublimate your decoration and make it magical. This is a new opportunity to make travel your guests. The colorful flowers can grant to the african fabrics used for example as path table, or node chair. Our advice is, therefore, a decoration of a united and white and bring the color in the flowers with the african fabrics.







The adventure in the heart of the decoration of your reception

Thanks to make-but your guests have had the right to travel on your wedding direction Africa. You have thus honed their adventurous and go until the end of your promise, you only have to play the card of your theme, and this, even in your home décor. In the real globe-trotters who you are, why not go all the way in choosing a globe as a guestbook ? An original idea and an invitation to a journey perfect for the theme. Similarly, the animals of the savannah that can be found in your invitation cards could be in the center of the table, or each table may correspond to a particular animal. Finally, the map of Africa would be the ideal support to write your menu for the wedding. You see, ideas are not lacking, then no stress, and call upon your imagination…








A wedding cake so beautiful that we culpabiliserait almost taste it

Then, if you do not crack at least for one of the wedding cakes that you have made one there will understand nothing ! No, of course we joke, but it is necessary to recognize that they are too beautiful, no ? Again, it is quite possible to give your dessert to your wedding theme, whether it is a dessert typically african or just by its decoration. In any case we wish you an excellent tasting !





The animals of the savanna, until in the gifts of the guests

If you follow us since a few time, you are surely not moved to the side of our gluttony…Yes, we admit, to the writing we love good things, and it is for this that we love to give you some gourmet ideas for the gifts to the guests. This time we offer small cakes, until there’s nothing original, but the shape of the animals of the savannah. A small, very simple idea, but one that will delight your guests and at the same time will awaken their taste buds.