My wedding rustic chic and vintage spirit : Virginia Mention, wedding planner, gives you the keys to a decoration successful29.09.201829.09.2018admin

The natural becomes the trend since a few years, the return to the sources is in the air. Weddings on the theme-vintage, rustic-chic flower naturally. Vintage rustic chic…. A funny name for a wedding theme ? The next country brings the colorful accent in vintage. And the chic enhances the side country. What to have a beautiful wedding.
You want to know more ? Virginia Mention wedding planner for the agency Ceremonize and co-founder of the Assocem, gives you the keys to making your marriage work on the theme of vintage country chic.


The do-part of the spirit of vintage and rustic chic, it gives what ?

You know, the announcement of the marriage and therefore the theme is the sending of the invitations. It is he who will set the tone for your wedding then no question move to the side. Don’t forget that you can go back to the graphic elements of your invitations for the rest of your cardmaking (menus, brands, places, table plan etc…). The graphic design of your invitation is important, therefore, this will be your thread throughout the marriage. Opt for a horizontal format extended with for example 4 pictures of you how photo booth to the next vintage and a graphic design with foliage, ivy and pretty little wild flowers for the side country.


The reception venue

For a wedding theme like this out of the question to organize your wedding reception in a 5 star hotel or in a castle. Choose the farmhouse in the countryside who sublimeront your theme with the presence of exposed stone and wooden beams. We will be in the atmosphere without any hesitation.


What is the style of the bride rustic and vintage ?

This is a wedding dress in the empire style, rather flexible and fluid, with touches of lace or at least a dress very little large, a crown of flowers in your hair, or strands of gypsophila and a hairstyle romantic. This is the perfect look for the vintage wedding rustic chic. As for the groom ? A costume not too classic, but rather a romantic and especially a bow tie and flower.


The decoration of your wedding with vintage and rustic chic, how are you to imagine ?

For your centerpieces, opt for three small floral arrangements for each table, they will be made up of small bucolic flowers such as garden roses, chamomile flowers, branches of flowers, blackberries, peonies, flowers of carrot…



Of course, everything will depend on the season of your wedding to choose your flowers but also the colour you have chosen. For a wedding on this theme there is no color choice. All depend on your style and your preferences. But for example you can opt for pastel colors : white, pink, or even yellow powder. But be aware that you can also take the colors more flashy in little touches such as the purple with hydrangea or even anemones. Perfectly arranged in pots, jam or mason jar, and why not put these containers on logs of wood. These logs can be engraved with the name of the table or the number for your guests to find their table. This is something that you can do or get for you easily !



Napkins can be tied with ribbons of lace. Has also have no moderation on the tables : beautiful lanterns vintage. It is a decoration that is easy to put in place self-same. You can very well buy the flowers at a florist, make your own compositions in the decorating of small flowers in the countryside that you can pick up in a garden. It is sufficient to arrange it simply in your containers, ” home “.


Gifts guests, that choose to make them happy ?

To thank all present and you have supported throughout this beautiful day, offer a bar to sugared almonds to your guests. Have your wedding cake in pretty containers, including beautiful jars, with shovels vintage candy and pretty pouches in jute. All located on a magnificent stall at the old or a beautiful sideboard in wood. Your guests will use at their leisure.



Regarding the music, if your wedding budget allows or perhaps do you have talents among your relatives, an accordion player accompanied by a guitarist, will atmosphere during your cocktail or your wine of honor ! Vintage vibe guaranteed ! And the inescapable terminal photo will be a must to offer your guests as the animation of the marriage. Choose a floral motif that will be printed on each photo and of course the format of the photo booth ! For that the fun is total, be sure to have accessories such as straw hats, wreaths of fake flowers, fans, a large wooden frame…